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Meet our students: Shihko

Shihko Pearson


Working as a Physiotherapist in the public sector, Shihko Pearson was looking for a course that would allow her to expand her skill set without derailing her tight day-to-day schedule. Studying a Master of Public Health with Monash Online gave her the flexibility she needed to manage her workload and take her work anywhere, anytime.

Read on to find out why studying with Monash Online was the right choice for Shihko. 

What did you enjoy most about your studies?

I was apprehensive about online learning because I thought it could be isolating without the face to face contact. I was proved wrong on the first unit, which was a pleasant relief. Being able to openly communicate with like-minded peers on discussion forums and getting feedback from engaging facilitators was interactive and thought stimulating. Additionally, the resources provided by the university were exceptional and made online learning very accessible.


What do you hope to do now that you’ve graduated?

I love my role as a physiotherapist, and I have been able to learn significant skills whilst studying the MPH. I feel that I have been able to utilise the skills I have gained in my everyday practice, from critically appraising the literature to evaluating service provision.

The Master of Public Health has provided me with better insight and knowledge of public health not just at a local level, and an appreciation of health systems and health issues on a global scale. This has allowed me to inform my own practice, as well as facilitating the learnings of others in my workplace.


What tips do you have for anyone that is thinking about studying online?

Get a calendar and map your life out in advance. Include what is required from your life, work, and studies, and use it as a checklist.

The format of the MPH meant that the unit tasks were provided over the course of the six weeks, and due dates for discussion posts and assignments were available prior. I had a weekly calendar which highlighted what day things were due, as well as social plans and weekend shift work. I found that the more time that is put in, the more that you would get out of it. It's challenging, but it's extraordinarily rewarding. I would do my time again in a heartbeat.

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