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About the Monash Research Portal

Imagine having an online platform that helps guide you through each step of your online research project. From identifying a research question, setting up the methodology, to collecting and analysing the data, and writing up your thesis- the award-winning Monash Psychology Research Portal has everything you need to complete your research without leaving the house.


Completing your research project from your couch

Used by researchers and students, the portal is the first-of-its-kind in the world and encompasses all the resources, information and tools needed to complete your project in a fully online mode.

The research portal itself can be seen as a memory system. All information is stored in long-term memory and is available to support the entire research journey from start to finish. There are various tools and applications within the portal, many of which are housed in the Virtual Laboratory (VLab). You also have the option to use these tools to collect, annalyse and store your research data.

As well as the VLab, the research portal gives you access to:

  • Zoom

  • LabArchives

  • Sona Systems

  • TurkPrime

  • SPSS

  • MatLab

How to use the Research Portal

Once you get access to the research portal you will be able to find information on all the steps of the research process, access to the applications listed above and find guidelines on supervision and communication. You will also get access to current news and events from other researchers using the portal. For more information and advice on how to get started on a research project, visit the Monash Research process page for a step by step guide.


Enrol with Monash

The Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced is a fourth-year program designed to open doors into practicing psychology. Upon graduating, you’ll be able to undertake further postgraduate training in your chosen specialisation or an internship via the Psychology Board of Australia in order to become a professional psychologist. The sequence includes a research project. As part of your studies, you will be required to complete a research project, supported by the bespoke online Psychology Research Portal.

To learn more about how to become a psychologist by studying psychology with Monash Online, please contact us today.