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The 30-minute consultation every future online student needs

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Whether you want to know more about where your qualification of choice could take you or advice on whether online study is right for you, a thirty-minute consultation with our Advisors is one of the most valuable calls you can make

At Monash Online we recognise that your time matters. That’s why our consultations are designed to reduce the time you spend researching your postgraduate study options, by answering questions tailored to your unique experience and requirements.

Not only is your Advisor a valuable resource of knowledge on each qualification and the Monash Online experience, but they will also help you submit your application - supporting you and maximising your time from the moment you enquire to when you're ready to accept your offer and enrol. 

Get tailored advice

Your personal Advisor is here to help delve into your motivations and goals for further study. During the consultation session, your Advisor will take the time to get to know you and your circumstances, working with you to evaluate if and how Monash Online can achieve your personal goals. 

They will also be able to talk you through any doubts you have about online study. Watch the video below to hear from Kirellos, one of our Advisors, who shares how he helped a mature-aged student find the confidence to study online.


Tools to assess your time commitments

Wondering whether you will have enough time to commit to study, is another area that your Advisor can help you navigate. Rather than simply telling you how much time is required, your consultant can actually help you use a study time planner and go through your weekly commitments to help you find time that you can allocate towards your study.

Get your application in on time

An important aspect of applying for postgraduate qualifications is to assess your academic and professional background. Your Advisor is trained to be able to assess whether or not you meet the admissions criteria for your desired Monash Online course

They will also help you identify all the documents you require to qualify and make sure you submit your application before the close date. A step that can take a lot longer than you would expect on your own, than with the support of your consultant.

So what are you waiting for? Book a fifteen or thirty-minute consultation with one of our Advisors now and achieve your goals sooner.