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5 tips for setting up an effective study space

Study Space


There are many things that play a part in your study success and where you study can influence your mood and productivity when you’re hitting the books. So it’s important to really think about this space before your program kicks off.

Here are five tips for creating a perfect study space:

Be inspired

Surround yourself with things that will inspire you. When you’re knee-deep in course work, it makes a world of difference to be able to look up and get that hit of inspiration rather than seeing a pile of bills or dirty dishes! So whether it’s a quote from your favourite philosopher, pictures of your family or simply your favourite pieces of stationery – make a space you will look forward to visiting.

Watch the throne

Chairs are made for sitting but when it comes to studying, they’re not all created equal. While it’s tempting to pull up a dining chair or dust off that wobbly office chair – consider posture as well as comfort when selecting your study seat. This course will demand its fair share of lengthy study sessions, so make sure you’ve chosen a seating arrangement that won’t leave you with a sore neck or back at the end of the day.

Stay connected, not distracted

While having ready access to online research tools and study aids is critical for any student – try to stick to the essentials. For instance, keep your smartphone in another room and don’t have any chat apps or social media open in your browser. It’s these little intrusions that can steal your attention and sap your productivity without you even realising.

The right time

The perfect study space is not just about the right place; it’s also about the right time. With your plate full of competing responsibilities, it’s important to establish goals and guidelines for when and how long you spend studying. This will help you to hold yourself accountable every time you hit the books in your “special place” and ensure it’s as productive as possible.

Don’t get too comfortable

At first, this might seem to contradict all the other points – but it’s worth remembering that there’s a fine line between being comfortable and falling asleep! Being equipped with inspiration, proper seating and the right study tools is vital… but try to cut back on the creature comforts like snacks. Keep your set-up simple and leave the luxuries as rewards after a successful study session.