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The benefits of online study for aspiring psychologists

Study psychology online


If you’re considering a career as a psychologist, it means that you’re fascinated by people - the way they behave, think and act. You’ve already decided that you want to become a psychologist, but you may be now wondering whether you should go the traditional route and study on-campus or whether you’re more suited to online study.

From our perspective here at Monash Online, it all comes down to how you like to learn. Online study in the field of psychology is definitely worth considering if you value the following:


Whether you realise it or not, you’ve become accustomed to the freedom of doing exactly what you want, when you want in multiple facets of your life. This includes accessing entertainment on Netflix, shopping on eBay at 1 am or booking a European holiday while relaxing on a Sunday night. This on-demand lifestyle is something that can also extend to your studies.

Whereas once upon a time, there were only two times a year where you could start your studies, the benefit of online qualifications like the Graduate Diploma in Psychology at Monash Online is that it is offered six times a year.

The concept of any time anywhere is very much linked to online studies, and simply refers to the ability for you to watch lectures, participate in forums and study whenever it suits you. This flexibility has seen thousands of students gravitate towards online study, as it means that they can study on their terms, at times and in locations that guarantee them the greatest success. Watch this short video featuring Monash Online psychology graduate Holly talking about why she found the flexibility of her course so appealing.

Your time

With time being one of the most valuable commodities of our generation, how you utilise yours is likely to be a major factor in your decision-making. The benefit of an accelerated online postgraduate course is the fact that they are designed to help you establish an efficient rhythm and focus on one subject at a time, ultimately eliminating the temptation to procrastinate. With support from academic staff and Student Success alike, at Monash Online you are driven to find your own recipe for success very early on in your studies, and a lot of this comes down to learning how to manage and maximise your time.

Work experience

A major component of your journey towards becoming a psychologist includes your ability to make time for voluntary or paid work experience. That’s because most universities in Australia will reference work experience as part of their mandatory minimum requirements for applicants looking to gain entry into a Master of Psychology. The ability to work and study at the same time is one of the greatest benefits that online study affords its students. At Monash Online we can help you balance your study around your requirement for work experience, particularly given that we offer subjects more often, with our six annual intake periods. 

Modern research techniques

With so many of our daily activities, both personally and professionally, now taking place online, it’s no stretch of the imagination to consider that more and more research is now also being conducted in the digital world. There is no better example of this than the Monash Research Portal, which was the first of its kind in the world, and allows students to complete research projects 100 per cent online. Why is this a significant development in the psychology world? Well our students have reported that it is much easier finding and recruiting participants online than it is to gain their commitment to meeting face-to-face. The other significant factor is the increasing development of e-therapies, an effective delivery option for anxiety treatment.

No matter what your motivation is for studying psychology, the above reasons to choose an online study mode could make a big difference in how you learn and your success outcomes. For more information about the benefits of online study and the Monash Online Graduate Diploma in Psychology call a Course Consultant today on 1300 289 184.