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Everything you need to know about your Learning Management System

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An integral part of online study is your Learning Management System, which is most commonly referred to in its abbreviated form, LMS. Your LMS is an online platform or website that represents your virtual classroom and here at Monash Online we use a system called Moodle.

You will spend a lot of time on Moodle for everyday activities such as watching your lectures, participating in tutorials, connecting with peers on forums and submitting assessments or responding to tests and quizzes.

Learn how to navigate Moodle by checking out our Welcome to Moodle web guide.

When you’re ready to get started, log in at with your Monash Online account details, which you will have created as you enrolled.

Don’t forget, your Student Success Advisor is on hand as your first point of call if you experience any uncertainty accessing what you’re looking for on Moodle.