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Graduate Diploma of Data Science – Course & Jobs

With the rise of digital technology, data science has become a much sought-after specialisation. If you want to work in this exciting field, earning a data science degree will help you break into the world of big data. 

Monash Online’s Graduate Diploma of Data Science can take your career to new heights by enhancing your skills and knowledge. From big data analytics to predictive modelling, this data science course covers a range of data science fundamentals. It offers several pathways to enrolment, with flexible study options available. The infographic below will give you a clear understanding of the qualification, pathways to entry, and potential career opportunities.

Pathways to Graduate Diploma of Data Science infographic


Data Science Jobs

The data science field is incredibly broad, encompassing a mix of highly analytical and creative roles. Identifying the right profession for your strengths will help you take the first step in your data science career. 

These are some of the data science jobs you’ll be qualified for after graduating from Monash Online’s Graduate Diploma of Data Science:

  • Data analyst – Tasked with turning industry or company data into valuable insights and assets, data analysts play a vital role in identifying strengths and weaknesses within organisations.  
  • Data engineer – Requiring advanced software development and programming skills, data engineers are often responsible for the development of data infrastructure. 
  • Machine-learning engineer – Due to the overlap between machine learning and data science, there are opportunities for machine-learning engineers to transform big data analytics into deployable software. 
  • Statistician – The primary role of a statistician is to predict changing market trends by gathering data. 

In addition to these jobs, there are countless other professions directly related to the application of data science skills. With an online data science course, you’ll be able to capitalise on the exciting opportunities created by the rise of data and machine-learning technologies. 

For more information on how to apply for the Graduate Diploma of Data Science, get expert advice by contacting an advisor at Monash Online today.