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How investing in postgraduate study makes you more valuable

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From boosting your salary to maximising your impact in your chosen field, one of the smartest investments you can make in your adult life is to further your education with a postgraduate degree.

No matter what has motivated you to further your education, find out more about the impact successful graduate studies can have on helping you create a meaningful and fulfilling career and future below.


Boost your earnings

While postgraduate courses can seem expensive on paper, it's good to remember that they can have a powerful impact on your future earning potential. According to the 2017 Graduate Outcomes Survey, people with graduate degrees who were employed full-time enjoyed a median salary of $81,000 for coursework degrees and $87,800 for research degrees. Students graduating with a bachelor degree had a far lower median income of $60,000.


Maximise your impact

Most postgraduates aren't satisfied simply working for a paycheque. They are passionate about creating new ways of thinking and are driven to impact their field and the world on a higher level. They’re also inspired to benefit their communities and solve today’s and tomorrow’s most difficult problems.

In recent years, graduates of Monash University with advanced degrees have worked to improve the health of Victorian waterways, been pioneers in the IT field , advocated for women's rights, and worked to reshape how we look at global economics .

Without a postgraduate degree, it is impossible to have the knowledge or the network you'll need to really make an impact where it matters most.


Take your career to the next level

The ultimate investment in yourself is being able to prove that you have drive, ambition and dedication; traits that employers link directly with people who complete an advanced degree. Postgraduates also enter the workforce with highly-specialised knowledge of best practices in their fields. According to research by CareerBuilder, employers reported that employees with postgraduate degrees produce higher quality work, are more productive, better at innovating, and even bring in more revenue to their companies.


Stand out from the competition

It's no secret that today's job market is competitive, and that postgraduate qualifications are commonly touted as a solution to set you apart from other job seekers. There’s a clear reason for that including the ability to secure employment, as identified in the 2017 Graduate Outcomes Survey Report. According to the report, 80% of research postgraduates and 86% of coursework postgraduates found full-time employment within four months of completing their degrees, compared to just 71.8% of undergraduate degree holders. Employers in the CareerBuilder study also reported that they were more likely to hire as well as promote employees with advanced degrees.

You also can’t look past the advantage that networking with your peers has on making you stand out from the competition. In addition to completing your degree alongside many talented students, you will be immediately connected to a strong professional network of the best peers and researchers in your industry. These very same contacts are the ones that are most likely to introduce you to the hidden job market, a gold mine for job opportunities with the potential to give you an instant career boost.

Given that  postgraduate study is more specialised than study at the undergraduate level, you will also be in a position to compete for challenging and better paying positions where you can have a true impact in your field.

By pursuing an online postgraduate qualification from Monash University, you are taking the next step toward an incredible career and an incredible future.