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Mastering accelerated study and setting your own pace for success

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To help you make the most out of this faster pace of study, we’ve created the following three tips to ensure you get into the swing of things straight away.


Preparation is Key

Even though this is the one step that you might be most tempted to skip, by committing to the following recommendations before your unit starts, you’ll be ready to focus on the learning on day one; a much better idea than falling behind because you’re still trying to work out what you’re doing and organising all the resources you need.

As soon as you receive your orientation module (usually within days of enrolling) we recommend that you familiarise yourself with your unit’s course structure and make sure you’ve got your teaching materials ready, along with the right technology to study online.

For example, there’s nothing worse than realising you don’t have a working webcam when you’re supposed to be dialing into your first discussion for your upcoming group assignment! Check out our online Getting Started webpage for more information.


Find your rhythm

No matter how prepared you are it’s completely natural to feel a little overwhelmed in your first week as you get your head around new systems, attend your first lectures and tutorial sessions and, perhaps to your surprise, possibly even submit your first test or assessment.

The best way to get through this first hurdle is to remain calm and stick to your prepared study schedule as much as possible. In your first week at university put your study schedule to the test and evaluate whether you’ve got the right mix of study, personal and professional commitments accounted for. If you haven’t already, don’t wait another second, go and create your personalised schedule with our Study Planner tool now.


Keep your end goal in sight

Remember that pay rise you’re longing for or that new career you want to embark on? That feeling is never going to go away, so when the going gets tough and you start second-guessing yourself and your study, keep your end goal in sight.

After all, it’s the fact that you can keep up with the rigour and discourse of postgraduate study that makes you so attractive to employers and helps you stand out from the crowd. So as the saying goes, a little pain now is well worth the gain.

These tips are a great way of ensuring that you set the ideal pace when studying in an online accelerated mode, but you can also reach out to your Student Success Advisor. These Advisors are on hand to help you navigate your studies from start to finish. They’re the perfect resource because they’ve guided thousands of people like you through the very same study hurdles, life-challenges and self-doubts.