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Meet our Monash Online students

Meet some of our current students and graduates and find out where a course with Monash Online can take you. For more, visit the student testimonial page and hear from other students about their own online learning experience. 


Sam's story is probably not too different from yours. Prior to studying with Monash Online, Sam worked in the private sector as an exercise physiologist. Even though he enjoyed helping hundreds of people one-on-one, he wanted to help thousands. The Master of Public Health helped him upskill and achieve his goal of becoming a physiology researcher. 

Graduate Diploma in Psychology (GDP)

Debbie Sabot | Current GDP student

Twenty years since completing her first bachelor's degree in Communications and Marketing, Debbie Sabot wanted to pursue a career in clinical psychology but needed to find a course that would allow her to stay committed to her family and community. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology with Monash Online enabled her to study at a top rated University while still enjoying the lifestyle of her Queensland home-base.

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Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced (GDPA)

Chris Kirmos | GDPA Graduate

After taking a gap year to gain practical experience in mental health through volunteering, Chris Kirmos discovered that he wanted to learn more about how to assist individuals with psychological issues. The Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced with Monash Online helped Chris further pursue this interest in more depth.

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Erin Preece | GDPA Graduate

Before studying with Monash Online, Erin Preece was a Teacher’s Aide at a secondary college. She had career aspirations of becoming a registered psychologist but did not want to put her current role on hold. The flexibility of the Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced allowed Erin to continue to gain work experience as a Teacher’s Aide, whilst furthering her psychology education.

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Amanda | Current GDPA student

Becoming a psychologist was always a dream for Amanda, but meeting the education requirements felt unachievable. She believed that her only “fourth year” option was an on-campus honours and she loved her job working with people too much to give it up. The availability of the Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advance with Monash Online gave Amanda the flexibility she needed to continue working whilst still pursuing her dream of becoming a psychologist at the same time.

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Graduate Diploma of Data Science (GDDS)

Tara Lian | Current GDDS student

After studying an undergraduate in Ecology and working for an investment bank for almost a decade, Tara Lian wanted to turn her focus to the world of data. The Graduate Diploma in Data Science with Monash Online was just the course she needed to kick start her career goal as a Data Scientist.

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Master of Public Health (MPH)

Shihko Pearson | MPH Graduate

Working as a Physiotherapist in the public sector, Shihko Pearson was looking for a course that would allow her to expand her skill set without derailing her tight day-to-day schedule. Studying a Master of Public Health with Monash Online gave her the flexibility she needed to manage her workload and take her work anywhere, anytime.

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