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Meet our students: Erin

Erin Preece

Before studying with Monash Online, Erin Preece was a Teacher’s Aide at a secondary college. She had career aspirations of becoming a registered psychologist but did not want to put her current role on hold. The flexibility of the Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced allowed Erin to continue to gain work experience as a Teacher’s Aide, whilst furthering her psychology education.

Read on to find out how Monash Online helped Erin take the right steps towards her psychology career.

What was your motivation for studying the GDPA?

To work as a Provisional Psychologist it is necessary to complete four years of study. Without Monash Online I would not be currently continuing my journey to becoming a registered psychologist, which is my long term career goal. Monash Online gave me employment opportunities far beyond those I previously had.

What were some of the concerns you had about studying online before you took the plunge and enrolled?

I was concerned about being able to juggle course requirements and work, as I needed to be able to support myself throughout my education. The flexible nature of the online course allowed me to do this, and I always appreciated that there were so many tutorial times, that I could always find one that suited.

What support or tools did you value the most or find most helpful during your studies?

I was nervous about how I would access readings and textbooks for research without being on campus to go into a library. However, the Monash University Library webpage is set up so that students can access all they need from at home. I had access to databases of journals and the latest research, which is definitely something I miss after finishing my course.

What benefits has your study with Monash Online provided you personally and professionally?

I now have an incredible job, which I am super passionate about and I am halfway through my internship which means I am one step closer to becoming a fully registered psychologist. I am currently a Provisional Psychologist with the Department of Education, which is a huge step up from my previous role, both in terms of pay and responsibility.

Why would you recommend Monash Online to other people?

I come from regional Victoria (actually now I’ve moved to rural Victoria), and I recommend Monash Online for anyone who lives in regional, rural or remote areas as it is so accessible. I also recommend it for anyone who needs to work while studying, as it is such a flexible course. The best part is my course was such high quality - I never felt like completing an online course meant I was missing out.


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