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Meet our students: Amanda

Meet Monash Online student Amanda

The Dark Tetrad may sound like something from a fantasy novel, but it’s far from fiction for current Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced (GDPA) student Amanda. Narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism make up the personality traits known as the Dark Tetrad and forms the foundation of her current research project.

Under the supervision of Dr Michael Rowlands, Amanda is going to explore how the Dark Tetrad manifests in family and social settings. If the team identify any correlations in their research, it may help shape future interventions.

Becoming a psychologist was always a dream for Amanda but meeting the education requirements felt unachievable. She believed that her only “fourth year” option was an on-campus honours and she loved her job working with people with drug and alcohol issues too much to give it up. 

“Work is everything. I really love what I do. Even though it can be quite tough, seeing people commit to behaviour change is one of the most amazing things to be apart’s a huge privilege”.

It was one of her colleagues that made her realise that she didn’t need to give up her job at all. She was a student with Monash Online and studied around her work commitments. Amanda loved the sound of online learning.

“I thought, I can get my cake and eat it too!”.

At first, Amanda was a little apprehensive about getting back into academia. After downloading a course brochure, the statistics and research components of the course sounded the most intimidating of all. She is a self-confessed high achiever and is much better with people than numbers. Now just over halfway through her degree, she has realised that her fears weren’t necessary.

“I never felt brave enough to tackle the statistics subject, so now it’s really nice looking back with a sense of accomplishment and achievement”.

She also admits that her network of her undergraduate classmates was a lifeline and the prospect of independent study sounded difficult. It wasn't long until she realised that although she was studying online, she was far from alone. 

“You can ask the dumbest questions and there’s always going to be someone that will say ‘don’t worry we’ve got your back’...having that network has been really good”.

Working and studying at the same time has allowed Amanda to try out her new skills in the real world too. The boost to her written and spoken communication, critical and strategic thinking, data capture and evaluation skills have already helped her do her day job even better. 

Amanda isn’t wedded to any next steps at this stage, but for now, she’s loving working in a rewarding field, continuing on the pathway to becoming a psychologist and expanding her research skills. The availability of the GDPA online was instrumental in pursuing her dream of becoming a psychologist and she has even recommended it to four of her friends.

If Amanda’s story has inspired you to pursue your dream of becoming a psychologist, learn more about the Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced by downloading the brochure or get in touch with one of our enrolment advisors now.

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