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Meet our students: Chris

Chris Kirmos


After taking a gap year to gain practical experience in mental health through volunteering, Chris Kirmos discovered that he wanted to learn more about how to assist individuals with psychological issues. The Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced (GDPA) with Monash Online helped Chris further pursue this interest in more depth.

Read on to find out how Monash Online helped Chris continue to achieve his educational goals.

Why did you choose to study with Monash Online?

I chose to study with Monash Online for two specific reasons. First, the GDPA offered flexibility to complete my study part-time, which also allowed me to continue my work as a volunteer and my job as a waiter. Second, Monash University has high academic standards, it leads the way in research and innovation, and it is well recognised in the profession of psychology.

I believed that studying at Monash University would allow me to challenge myself, to work hard, to embrace new opportunities, to learn from my mistakes, to achieve high academic results, and to achieve my goal of becoming a Clinical Psychologist.


What did you enjoy most about the GDPA?

I enjoyed working on my research thesis collaboratively with my supervisor. The assistance and guidance of my supervisor meant that I could discuss my ideas with her in an open and constructive manner and that I constantly felt reassured about the work that I was producing. I was committed to working hard on this research thesis because I enjoyed the flexibility I had to create my own unique topic relevant to my supervisors’ specialised field.


What do you hope to be able to do now you’ve graduated?

Since graduating from the GDPA, I am now looking to apply for the Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) at Monash University, as well as the Master of Clinical Psychology and the Master of Professional Psychology at universities throughout Australia. However, I am keeping an open mind, and looking at obtaining obtain my registration as a Provisional Psychologist as soon as possible.

I believe that when you find something you are interested in, you will be motivated to learn, to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gain, and to challenge yourself to produce high-quality work and achieve your goals. I am hopeful that my hard work throughout the GDPA will allow me to continue my education with Monash University.


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