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Meet our students: Debbie

Debbie Sabot

Twenty years since completing her first bachelor's degree in Communications and Marketing, Debbie Sabot wanted to pursue a career in clinical psychology but needed to find a course that would allow her to stay committed to her family and community. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology with Monash Online enabled her to study at a top-rated University while still enjoying the lifestyle of her Queensland home-base.

Read on to find out how Monash Online’s flexible delivery mode helped boost Debbie’s confidence to return to study.

Why did you choose to Study with Monash Online?

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology provided a study format that fit into the shape of my life. I have had some commitments overseas, and have needed to pause my studies, which this degree structure has been able to accommodate.


What do you enjoy most about the Graduate Diploma in Psychology?

I have enjoyed the feeling of achievement in completing this postgraduate degree. I also feel that I am able to respond to situations with more critical insight and thoughtfulness now than I did before the diploma. I think it has helped to make me a more well-rounded mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.


Do you have any advice for someone thinking about doing online study?

I found that completing the [quizzes] each week helped me to focus on the content in chunks and avoid feeling too overwhelmed by the large volume of learning materials available. I always attended class. Class time helped to normalise my feelings. It’s comforting to learn that others are experiencing the same epiphanies and challenges. Instructors have been incredibly supportive, professional and willing to address any question. I have appreciated my courtesy support call from the Student Success team each teaching period too.

What do you hope to do once you’ve graduated?

My next step having completed the Graduate Diploma in Psychology is to continue a fourth year of training and obtain my provisional registration as a psychologist, followed by a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. I am particularly interested in the area of sleep in the provision of psychological services. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience. Be patient with yourself, and ask others to be patient with you too!

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