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Monash academic wins Google Faculty Research Award

Reza Haffari


Graduate Diploma of Data Science course director Dr Reza Haffari has won a Google Faculty Research Award for his work into machine translation.

The Google Faculty Research Awards, a highly competitive international grants program, drew 910 proposals from more than 320 academic institutions.

Dr Haffari is one of six researchers across Australia to be awarded funding for research projects into information and systems engineering, data analytics, and IoT cybersecurity. An expert in Data Science and AI, his research involves natural language processing techniques that focus on increasing the reasoning skills of artificial intelligence using only low-levels of information.

Words often have multiple interpretations, and context can have a significant impact on meaning. Haffari’s research aims to overcome this obstacle, and can enhance machine translation of documents from one language to another, whilst still maintaining the coherency and semantics of the original document.

Dr Heffari was among the 15 percent of applications to be awarded funding and will receive a year’s worth of seed funding, as well as the opportunity to present his latest work at Google offices.

To find out more about Dr Reza Heffari, visit our faculty page.