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Pathways to becoming a psychologist

The pathways to becoming a psychologist are changing, with the Psychology Board of Australia recently announcing changes to the internship program from June 2022. We've simplified the new steps for you in the infographic below. Whether you've got a bachelor's degree in psychology or in an unrelated area, our APAC-accredited psychology qualifications, such as the Graduate Diploma in Psychology and Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced can lead you to a fulfilling new career as a Registered Psychologist.

Pathways to becoming a psychologist

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If you have a three-year APAC accredited psychology degree, you can go straight into our APAC-accredited fourth-year equivalent course, the Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced.

For those with an unrelated bachelor’s degree or a psychology bachelor’s degree older than 10 years, you can start with the APAC-accredited Graduate Diploma in Psychology before moving onto further studies.

Find out more about how to become a psychologist and your various career options here, or book a call with a Course Consultant to discuss your goals and options.