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Steps to Become a Psychologist

The pathways to becoming a psychologist are changing, with the Psychology Board of Australia recently announcing changes to the internship program from June 2022. We've simplified the new steps for you in the infographic below. 

Pathways to becoming a psychologist

Want more information?

If you have a three-year APAC-accredited psychology degree, you can go straight into our APAC-accredited fourth-year equivalent program, the Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced, provided you meet the grade and Monash University minimum entry requirements. This honours-equivalent program can be studied 100% online and takes just 1.4 years to complete. Online psychology courses offer great flexibility, allowing you to work while you study. This can then be followed with a psychology master's degree, doctoral degree or PhD.

The Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) sets the standards for psychology courses in Australia. This ensures the standard of education remains at a similarly high level across all universities. For students to be eligible for psychology internships and registration, they must hold a psychology degree that is accredited by APAC. 

For those with an unrelated bachelor’s degree or a psychology bachelor’s degree older than 10 years, you can start your psychology studies with the APAC-accredited Graduate Diploma in Psychology before moving onto further studies. Again, you will need to meet the grade and Monash University minimum entry requirements for further study.


What happens next?

Following successful completion of an approved psychology degree, students who have completed four years of study and approved psychology internships will need to pass the National Psychology Exam to attain general registration.

You are legally obligated to be registered with the Psychology Board of Australia before practicing as a psychologist in any state or territory in Australia. Designed to protect the public, the National Psychology Exam is used to ensure all applicants have the minimum level of applied professional knowledge and skills.

Find out more about the steps to become a psychologist, career advice, and your various job opportunities here, or book a call with an advisor to discuss your goals and options. Whether you’re looking to enrol in a graduate diploma or fourth year studies, Monash Online will help you find the right psychology degree.