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Unconventional tips for working professionals to find more time

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The struggle is real. Life is demanding even at the best of times, let alone when you’re trying to carve out time for things that really matter to you, including investing in your career with postgraduate study.

If you’re starting to doubt whether you’ll have enough time to strike a balance between your study requirements and your personal and professional commitments, then it’s time to think outside the box, and find some unconventional ways to find more time in your week, like the tips we’ve shared below to inspire you:


1. Spend more time in bed...sleeping

You heard right. Getting enough sleep is a surefire way to ensure that you’re not wasting time unnecessarily the next day, because it promotes productivity and the ability to make clear cut choices. Exactly how much sleep is enough? Well check out this surprising article that says you need 30 minutes more than you thought you did.

2. Rock and Run

We all need ways to relax and unwind, and let’s not forget the importance of keeping fit. But what if you did both at once, such as listening to your favourite tunes or catching up on a trending podcast while you go for your daily run?

3. Make a meal of it

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know what we’re talking about when we mention HelloFresh, YouFoodz and Marley Spoon. These delivered meal subscriptions are all great alternative solutions to shopping for and planning your meals each week. Nourish your body and mind by preparing and planning your meals in advance, and also claw back some much-needed time in your week.

4. From group work to group catch-ups

You will end up becoming very familiar with group work during your studies, so why not keep the trend going when it comes to catch-ups with friends and family. When time comes at a premium, there’s no need to give up socialising altogether, instead, forego one-to-one dinners for group dates instead. Group socialisation is also kinder on your hip pocket too.

5. Become a pro at saying ‘no’

When you’re trying to make time for yourself and your study, but everyone around you, from your boss, your partner to your friends, are constantly demanding your attention, then something has to give. The secret to making sure it’s not your own time that is sacrificed, is your ability to know when and how to say ‘no’. Consider whether the requests being made are valid or urgent and if they aren’t, say ‘no’ firmly but politely, or if need be, say “I won’t be able to help you with this today, but I have some free time next week,” to buy yourself some more time.