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Where can a psychology course take you?

Online psychology courses, such as a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced, can lead you to a wide range of careers. From becoming a professional psychologist or researcher to undertaking roles in human resources, teaching, counselling or marketing, the professional possibilities are endless. This infographic illustrates the diverse career options you’ll have with a Monash psychology degree and the various academic pathways needed to get you to where you want to go.

Please note: the pathways to becoming a psychologist are changing from June 2022. Check out the Psychology Board of Australia's changes to the internship program here.

Where can psychology take you


Flexible psychology studies

Choosing to study psychology online will give you greater flexibility, so you can finish your course without compromising other areas of your life. Our Graduate Diploma in Psychology will provide you with a solid foundation in psychology principles to prepare you for your chosen career, or if you’re thinking of studying psychology honours, the Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced is an honours-equivalent qualification.

Contact a Monash Online Advisor to learn more about our online psychology courses. 

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