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Why human skills matter and how they’re linked to your psychology studies

Human skills


No matter what your industry, right now we are living in a time where one thing’s for sure when it comes to our careers - as technology rapidly reshapes our jobs (through the elimination of long-established industries and the creation of exciting new sectors), the business world will be searching for working professionals with a new set of skills.

The Future of Work is Human

The good news for those of you who pursue psychology studies is the fact that our society will be seeking “human skills” such as customer service, sales and conflict resolution above and beyond any other. This factor was highlighted in a recently published report by Deloitte, The Future of Work is Human

What this report is telling us is that the jobs of the future will be increasingly cognitive (jobs of the head) as opposed to jobs of the hands (manual labour). But more importantly, it’s identified that irrespective of your job type, everyone will need “human skills”. 

Human skills refer to skills that cannot be replicated or replaced by technology including the ability to interact with others, be creative and understand and react appropriately to emotions.

A Psychology Qualification Could Boost Your Career

Studying the Monash Online Graduate Diploma in Psychology is the ideal qualification for you to undertake in order to demonstrate a lot of these skills. In another article, we’ve highlighted just four skills that you can expect to walk away with after completing this qualification including knowledge of human behaviour and critical thinking - all of which fall under the category of cognitive skills.

Finally, the Deloitte report also indicates that almost another half a million new jobs will be created in teaching, midwifery, and nursing, personal care, administration and sales by 2030. From the report’s combined findings, it is, therefore, possible to infer that if you work in these same industries, your work life will be positively impacted by the “human skills” you’ll pick up by studying a Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

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