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Why an online degree makes sense for working professionals

Working Professional


Over the last few decades, the demand for higher education qualifications has grown significantly. As a result, the average personal weekly income has increased with the number of qualifications completed

So it comes as no surprise that now, more than ever, working professionals are turning to further study in order to upskill and get ahead in their careers. But for those who don’t want to give up working full-time, further study can pose a challenge. How do you make your work schedule fit in with your study schedule? That’s where online study comes in. 

There are several benefits to studying online, but even more so for those working full-time. Here’s why an online degree makes sense for working professionals:

Study without compromising your full-time employment

The greatest benefit to online study for working professionals is the flexibility. You can log on and access everything you need wherever and whenever you want, meaning you have complete control of your study schedule. This flexible format allows you to fit study around your schedule, without compromising your current employment.

“The online delivery model of Monash Online courses and evening workshops/meet-ups fit well with my current lifestyle and full-time employment,” says current student Andrew Lau.

You also won’t have to stress about how you’re going to fit everything in because you will have access to tools to help you manage your time effectively. And on top of that, your dedicated Student Success Advisor is there to help guide you through your studies.

Easy access to your instructors

At Monash Online our courses are taught by leading academics and researchers. This means you have direct access to professionals with real-life experience in the field you are studying. 

The online format means that the classes are smaller and the contact hours are more flexible. Instructors only teach one online subject at a time, which means your instructor not only has more of an opportunity to support each individual directly but also gives them time to review and thoroughly answer any questions you have. 

“I felt like I could contact my tutors all the time,” says Monash Online graduate Holly, “you can send them emails and you can use the ask your instructor I felt quite supported.” 

Specialised skills and knowledge

The 2016 Qualifications and Work report, by the Bureau of Statics, found that 63% of employed people aged 25-34 were employed in a job relevant to their higher education qualification. This suggests that individuals are more likely to be a good fit for the job due to having the specific skills obtained during their higher education studies. 

So if you are a working professional wanting to gain specialised skills and knowledge in a specific field, the online study is a viable option. Not only does it allow you to upskill without compromising your current full-time work, but it will also help you to learn more about yourself and gain transferable skills that will aid you both professionally and personally. 

Having a combination of soft skills and specialised knowledge lets employers know that you have the ability to get the job done and participate effectively in the workplace. 

Gain a credible qualification 

One concern that many people have when thinking about studying online is credibility. Are you receiving the same quality of education that’s offered on-campus?

Studying with Monash Online means you can gain a recognised qualification online from a reputable institute that is in the Group of 8 and ranked in the top one per cent of universities globally (Times Higher Education World Rankings 2018). Our psychology courses are APAC-accredited, so you know that you will be joining a program that meets Australian educational standards. 

“The best part is my course was such high quality,” says Monash Online graduate Erin Preece, “I never felt like completing an online course meant I was missing out.”

Want more information?

Find out more about our courses here, or book a call with a Course Consultant to discuss your options and find out how studying online could work for you.