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Why postgraduate study is one of the most valuable choices you could make for your career

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The excitement and sense of motivation that come with beginning a postgraduate course are infectious, especially when you consider the impact your degree can have on your future career. Read on to discover the many ways your degree can jump start your future.


Acquire skills that employers value

Recently, the World Economic Forum released The Future of Jobs report, which surveyed HR officers at top companies about the skills employees will need most by 2020. And many of the skills that will be most in demand are those you’ll learn during your postgraduate education.  

For example, by 2020, over a third of jobs in all industries are expected to require complex problem-solving, making it the top skill employers recruit for. If you’re like many students preparing for your postgraduate qualification, you’re a problem solver by nature and may have entered your program because you want to take on some of the biggest challenges in your workplace or industry.

In your course, you will be pushed to solve difficult problems on a regular basis, which will serve you well in high-level leadership positions.


Follow the path of Australia’s top CEOs

If you’re looking to move ahead in your career by securing a leadership position, a postgraduate degree is the way to go.

The recruitment company Robert Half recently looked into the shared characteristics of Australia’s top executives and discovered that 54 percent of ASX 200-listed CEOs have a postgraduate degree.

Not only do leadership positions come with higher salaries, but they are more satisfying than mid- or low-level career paths. In a leadership or advanced position, you’ll enjoy being called upon to creatively tackle new challenges and have an impact on the future of your organisation, your industry, and beyond.


Contend for career longevity in growing industries

According to research by Seek, job opportunities in science and technology, healthcare, and information technology experienced tremendous growth in 2017. In these growing fields, as well as fields like psychology, master’s degrees are quickly becoming the minimum requirement for employment.

No matter which of these tracks you are on at Monash Online, you’ll be positioned to excel in your current industry or successfully enter a new field once you complete your degree.


A future-proofing investment

Although a postgraduate degree is a big investment, it also offers a large return that will only appreciate in the long-run. The knowledge and skills you gain and the connections you make with other talented peers in your field will continue to open up new and fulfilling opportunities for you well into the future.

In addition to the tangible rewards of a higher salary and more job satisfaction, you’ll experience a strong sense of achievement and confidence once you’ve completed your degree, which will serve you well in your additional endeavours.

So if for whatever reason, doubt starts creeping into your mind and you’re questioning if you’ve made the right decision to commit to postgraduate study, remember that this qualification is the key to the more fulfilling future you’re chasing.