Data science single units

In the rapidly changing data science industry, a single unit can equip you with practical skills that are in demand right now.

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100% online data science single units

In just six weeks, you can develop new data science skills and knowledge, to help you gain a competitive edge in your current role or the credibility you need to get to the next level.

There’s an expanding universe of data, and the tools and techniques used to derive value from it are evolving. Studying data science with Monash Online equips you with the latest knowledge in managing, analysing, and visualising data.

Why Monash Online single units?

  • Fast – Gain new skills or knowledge in six weeks
  • Quality – Study postgraduate content from our Graduate Diploma of Data Science
  • Experience – An ideal way to decide if postgraduate study is right for you
  • Flexible – Offered 100% online
  • Credit-bearing – May be used as credit for those that meet the entry requirements for a full qualification
  • Supported – By academic staff with industry links and your own dedicated Student Success Advisor

Ideal for:
  • Working out whether data science could be a new career path for you.
  • Hand-picking data science skills or knowledge you need immediately to boost your current expertise.
  • Staying relevant in an ever changing industry, with a unit from a leading university.
Do a postgraduate course if:
  • You are dedicated to the long-term investment of becoming a fully-qualified data scientist.
  • You need a formal tertiary-level qualification to change careers.
  • You need a formal qualification to gain recognition for your experience or move to a higher level of seniority.

FIT9133 Programming foundations in Python

This unit introduces you to program design and the Python language. You’ll learn ways of using algorithms to solve computational problems, and investigate and evaluate different strategies for algorithm development.

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FIT9132 Introduction to databases

This unit reviews organisational data management through relational database technology, including relational model analysis and design. You’ll be developing a database and constructing queries to meet user requirements.

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If you have a background in programming and databases, and want to evolve into a new role in data science, this foundational unit can be your first step.


Delve into data analysis and program design with the professional skills of a data scientist. Programming units focus on: solving problems with programs like Python; machine learning; data visualisation; and data modelling


The effective management of databases is vital to both small businesses and large enterprises. Our short database units give you a deeper understanding of the inner workings of a database, and how to manage large data with technology, software tools and techniques.

Maths and stats

The core of data science is a long sequence of numbers and algorithms. Maths and stats is the basis of this field and you will need to be an expert in numbers.