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100% online psychology single units

Give your career an edge with a six-week psychology single unit. In these 100% online units, you’ll explore the way people think and behave in detail. The units delve into areas such as psychology in the workplace, personality and social psychology, psychological science, and research and testing.

Why Monash Online single units?

  • Fast – Gain new skills or knowledge in six weeks
  • Quality – Study postgraduate content from our Graduate Diploma in Psychology and Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced
  • Experience – An ideal way to decide if postgraduate study is right for you
  • Flexible – Offered 100% online
  • Credit-bearing – May be used as credit for those that meet the entry requirements for a full qualification
  • Supported – By academic staff with industry links and your own dedicated Student Success Advisor

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Research and Testing

Learn how to ethically and accurately research and test psychological concepts. These units introduce you to various methods, theories, and ways of designing and analysing research.

  • PSY4122: Psychology 1B: Introduction to Psychology
    This unit looks at psychology as a behavioural science and includes topics such as social, abnormal and cognitive psychology. Online activities are combined with lecture content to provide introductory training in research design and analysis.
  • PSY4051: Research design and analysis
    This unit builds on the topics of research design and analysis covered in the introductory units. The research process is explored, as well as some of the more commonly used methods of statistical analysis. It has a strong practical component and assessments are designed to give students consistent, hands-on experiences.
  • PSY4062: Research methods and theory
    Explore research methods in an advanced theoretical way, focusing on key topics like variance analysis and multiple regression. This course includes a research project and will give you practical experience in using SPSS to perform statistical analysis.


Personality and social psychology

Enrich your professional approach to social psychology or pursue your passion for understanding personality with these single units. Units in this area enable you to explore the foundations of psychology theory and unpack some of the deeper concepts around personality development, psychological abnormalities, and testing practices.

  • PSY4111 Psychology 1A: Foundations in psychology theory
    This introductory course covers personality and the biology of learning and development. A background of the discipline’s origins and theories of learning and development are also included. You’ll engage in online activities that provide training in research techniques.
  • PSY4151: Personality and social psychology
    This unit reviews different schools of personality and social psychology and highlights historical changes in our understanding of social identity and relationships. Various social psychology theories are applied and critiqued in light of contemporary behaviour and new knowledge, and different personality theories are compared and contrasted.
  • PSY4032: Abnormal psychology
    This unit examines aspects of abnormal behaviour and provides a broad and comprehensive review of abnormal behavioural psychology. This is achieved by studying and contrasting various theoretical perspectives.
  • PSY4041: Psychological testing
    This unit introduces you to the principles and processes of test development, test administration and test interpretation. You’ll analyse and review some widely used psychological tests. We’ll also cover theories of ability and how our thoughts on human ability are influenced by the world around us.


Psychological science

If you want to learn more about the intricacies of human psychology, these units are perfect for you. They cover topics such as biological psychology, perception and cognition, neuroscience, and brain-behaviours interactions.

  • PSY4131: Developmental and biological psychology
    This unit looks at ways developmental psychology is affected by physical, cognitive, social, and emotional changes. Biological psychology is also explored, including, states of consciousness, mental disorders and addiction, mechanisms and disorders of learning and memory and the regulations of emotional and motivated states.
  • PSY4081: Perception and cognition
    Discover how sensory processes, coding mechanisms and the management of knowledge all contribute to a well-rounded approach to cognitive psychology. This unit explores contemporary research techniques, attentional processes, cognitive architecture, mental imagery, models of learning and memory, language, and high-order thinking.
  • PSY4170: Neuroscience of cognition and behaviour
    Deepen your understanding of the connection between how people think and how they behave. This unit takes an in-depth look at brain-behaviour interactions, the mechanisms behind cognitive control and social cognition, and the technologies neuroscientists are using in this area.
  • PSY4408: Perspectives in clinical and developmental neuroscience
    This interdisciplinary elective takes a lifespan approach to examining elements of neuroscience and developmental psychology. You’ll learn about selected current issues in psychology with a focus on mental health and illness.


Psychology in the workplace

A deeper understanding of psychology could make you a more effective manager or team member, enabling you to interpret and respond appropriately to a variety of situations and colleagues.

  • PSY4405: Ethical and professional issues in psychology
    This unit focuses on the ethical, legal and professional issues that practising psychologists face. You’ll discuss issues such as legislation, professional organisations, codes of professional conduct, conflicts of interest, providing psychological services to children and multicultural clients, managing suicidal clients, reporting child abuse and providing online services.
  • PSY4406: Psychological assessment and intervention
    This unit examines individual differences and the ways these can be assessed and treated using evidence-based approaches. You’ll be given a background to the development of test models and test evaluation methods, including a review of recent trends in test development theory.
  • PSY4407: Psychology in industry – pathways to employment
    This unit will familiarise you with the steps required to become a registered and licensed psychologist in Australia, and the various career pathways available – both specific to and beyond the profession of psychology. You’ll learn to identify and enhance specific employability skills should you choose to undertake psychology studies with one of our full courses.
  • PSY4409: 21st century applications of psychology
    As society changes, the way we understand and apply psychology must adapt too. This unit looks at six psychological areas that are all affected by contemporary trends (such as the selfies epidemic, same-sex families, psychological perspectives in terrorism, cross-cultural approaches to therapy, cyber-bullying, and the psychology of work).


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