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Study Planner


By using our study planner, you can create your own personalised study timetable to fit around your work and personal commitments. As online students, time management is vital. Creating a weekly study plan and blocking off set times each week will help ensure you study smart. Having the right study techniques from day one is crucial when studying online, whether it’s at home or in a library, choosing a study space that is quiet, comfortable and more importantly, distraction-free is key to ensuring success.


You need to be realistic and pick study times that work for you. Some people work best in the morning while others work best at night. Find the right time for you and stick with it. Utilising our online study planner and getting into a habit of studying every day, will help you succeed in your online course with Monash University.


Use this tool to create a weekly schedule that fits your study around your personal and work commitments.


Let's get started.