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Study tips for Health students

Student studying


Need the motivation to stay on track with your studying? We asked your unit coordinators to give us their top three helpful tips on how to best approach your studies. Check out their answers below:


Claryn Kung

HEC5979: Health Economics

1. Read the prescribed textbook: familiarise yourself with the required readings and get a better understanding of what content to expect. Take a moment to browse through Principles in health economics and policy, the prescribed short textbook for this unit.

2. Watch online tutorials: Refresh your skills and knowledge on the discipline of economics with video tutorials and online activities. We recommend checking out the economic courses and microeconomics video libraries.

3. Download video transcripts: If you learn better by reading than by listening, be sure to peruse the transcripts for the recorded lectures (available as a download link at the bottom of the lecture videos). 


Helen Kelsall

MPH5310: Introduction to environmental health

  1. Use your time management skills wisely: many of the foundational readings on environmental health risk assessment come in weeks 1-3, so time management is critical for this unit. Make sure you are prepared by allocating enough time for readings every week. You can access the MPH5310 reading list here.

  2. Participate in weekly online case studies: the online case studies give you the opportunity to discuss ideas with students whilst guided by the teaching staff. Read the instructions carefully, and don’t be afraid to post your thoughts in the discussion forum early and often.

  3. Download the Respondus browser: As part of your assessment, you will have to complete a quiz, which uses a Respondus browser. I suggest reading the respondus guide and downloading the browser prior to the quiz in case you need technical support.  

Taking on these tips ahead of your start date will help get you in the right mindset to excel in your upcoming unit. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with your Student Success Advisor.