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2024 Computer Science course structure changes

In 2024, the Faculty of IT will be launching a new version of the Master of Computer Science course. 

This new course version will equip you with fundamental mathematical skills (ITO4001 Foundations of Computing). In addition, you will be able to choose only one programming language to study (ITO 4131 Java Programming or ITO4133 Introduction to Python) depending on your specialisation interest. You will also have more opportunities to practice applying the knowledge and skills learnt from this course in industry settings (ITO5002 Applied Practice 2).

Incorporating the Graduate Certificate of Computer Science (C4009) and the Graduate Diploma of Computer Science (C5008).

Part A: Core master’s study changes

Core units include: 

  • ITO4001 Foundations of Computing (new)
  • ITO4132 Introduction to databases
  • ITO4137 Architecture and network.

Choose one core unit from: 

  • ITO4131 Java programming; or 
  • ITO4133 Introduction to Python 

Part B: Specialist studies changes

You must complete three core specialist units below (18 credit points in 2024,  instead of 24 credit points in 2023):

  1. ITO5047 Fundamentals of artificial intelligence
  2. ITO5136 Software engineering
  3. ITO5163 Information and computer security

Plus, you must complete three specialist units (18 credit points) from one of the specialisations below.

Software engineering

  • ITO5032 Web application development
  • ITO5046 Mobile and distributed systems
  • ITO5152 User interface design and usability
  • ITO5171 Software testing, quality and standards


  • ITO5003 Software and network security
  • ITO5129 Enterprise IT security
  • ITO5214 Blockchain
  • ITO5225 Cloud computing and security

Artificial intelligence

  • ITO5201 Machine learning
  • ITO5216 Discrete optimisation
  • ITO5217 Natural language processing
  • ITO5221 Intelligent image and video analysis

Part C: Applied practice changes

You must completed both units (12 points) as part of the Master of Computer Science 

  • ITO5001 Applied practice 1
  • ITO5002 Applied practice 2 (new)
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