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Master of Business Management
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Create successful team dynamics

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Lead innovative practice

The Master of Business Management teaches you to become an agile and responsive manager. You can choose from 12 specialisations and graduate with both management and specialist skills, ready for any industry.

4.1 stars out of 5

Business Managers rate job satisfaction very high.

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Choose a path to two degrees

Graduate with two masters degrees

Add four extra specialist studies units to receive two testamurs

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Lead teams and businesses to success 

All industries require strong leadership to manage and inspire their teams and steer projects to successful outcomes. The Master of Business Management will prepare you to become an effective leader in an increasingly agile business environment, and will equip you with the skills needed to step into a management position in your field.  

Perfect for those wanting to remain practising their speciality while leading from the front, this course is a unique opportunity to learn and apply key organisational leadership skills within the context of your own sector. It is your chance to not only apply transformational knowledge to your current role and organisation, but also be in the strongest possible position to tackle the business challenges of the future.

What you will learn
  • Strategic leadership
    Acquire an adaptable leadership skill set, ready to meet the challenges of the changing business landscape.
  • Financial management
    As markets change, position yourself with the financial management skills to allocate resources strategically, with a mind towards the big picture.
  • Specialist study
    Enhance your studies in one of 12 specialist studies dedicated to disciplines across the business landscape.
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Our worldwide business rankings

Dedicated to academic excellence, Monash University has achieved international recognition and renown in its Business courses.
# 1
Shanghai Academic Ranking by academic subjects
# 7
Shanghai Academic Ranking by academic subjects

Pathway to a double masters degree

Prepare for the next evolution in business management. Growing industries need managers with a growth mindset. Our double masters degrees can help you establish a multi-disciplined management career that modern industries demand.

Graduate with the broad Master of Business Management, giving you the essential knowledge and skills to understand your organisation in its entirety, as well as a specialist Masters degree that demonstrates the depth of knowledge in a key field.

Across 12 specialist studies, you can graduate with either:

  • two masters degrees and two testamurs, in approximately 2.7 years part-time accelerated, after completing 16 units (96 credit points) from:
    • Master of Business Management and Master of Human Resource Management
    • Master of Business Management and Master of Project Management
    • Master of Business Management and Master of Marketing and Digital Communications; or
  • a single Master of Business Management degree in approximately 2 years part-time accelerated, after completing 12 units (72 credit points)

You can also exit the course after completing approximately 0.7 years part-time accelerated, 4 units (24 credit points), and you’ll receive a Graduate Certificate of Business Management

This course is structured in three parts: Part A. Business management foundation, Part B. Specialist studies, and Part C. Application studies.

All students complete Part C. Depending upon prior qualifications, you may receive credit for Part A or Part B or both.

Note: If you are eligible for credit for prior studies, you may elect not to receive the credit.

Need further clarification about our online course structure?

You can submit an enquiry directly to our student consultants by using the form listed on our contact us page. You’ll have the opportunity to schedule a call if you’d like to receive further information.

These units will introduce you to business management practice at an advanced graduate level. They are designed to extend your ability to manage an organisation while building on existing professional work experience.

Leadership for organisational advancement

Strategic management for agile organisations

Innovation and new value creation

Financial management and resource utilisation

The focus of these units is to develop your expertise in a discipline and provide the knowledge and skills needed to work across the borders of context or discipline.

You must complete four units from one of, or a combination of, the following specialist studies.

Advanced Project Management

Specialising in Advanced Project Management will give you the expertise and confidence to successfully deliver complex projects with advanced practices and principles.

Read the Advanced Project Management specialist studies course structure


The Analytics specialisation provides the foundational knowledge needed to apply problem-solving and creative thinking to the needs of business, science and society.

Read the Analytics specialist studies course structure

Applied Analytics

By specialising in Applied Analytics, you will gain the expertise to unearth the compelling stories that lie behind raw data.

Read the Applied Analytics specialist studies course structure

Digital Communications

Build a thorough understanding of how the world of communications is adapting to digital technology, and the emerging opportunities for organisations that embrace this change.

Read the Digital Communications specialist studies course structure

Digital Enterprise

Gain the foundational knowledge and skills professionals need to apply digital technologies that transform business models, processes, cultures, and organisations.

Read the Digital Enterprise specialist studies course structure

Enterprising Leadership

A Enterprising Leadership specialisation equips emerging and established professionals with leadership skills to drive transformation in business, fusing technological progress and sustainability.

Read the Enterprising Leadership specialist studies course structure

Health Administration

A specialisation in Health Administration will give you unique insights from a business perspective into health systems, policies and organisations.

Read the Health Administration specialist studies course structure

Human Resource Management

By specialising in human resource management, you’ll focus on the latest modern HR strategies and challenges.

These units will provide a deep-dive into contemporary solutions and trends to observe future workplace challenges with a focus on diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.

Read Human Resource Management specialist studies  course structure


Learn advanced marketing knowledge and skills, and use them to make socially responsible decisions to support business objectives and create unique customer experiences.

Read the Marketing specialist studies course structure

Project Management

Explore the theory that underpins the successful management of projects, programs, portfolios and business strategy, and apply it as you lead project and program endeavours, grounded in project management methodologies.

Read the Project Management specialist studies course structure

Public Health

With a specialisation in Public Health, you will deepen your understanding of the challenges facing the sector and emerging healthcare innovations.

Read the Public Health specialist studies course structure

Sustainable Enterprise

Learn the tools and frameworks that professionals need to meet the present and future needs of operating profitably and sustainably. Discover how to accelerate societal change, economic prosperity, and the preservation of environmental integrity.

Read the Sustainable Enterprise specialist studies course structure

Undertake professional and project work that can contribute to a portfolio of professional development.

Business transformation

Industry project 1

Industry project 2

Professional development

Choose a single or double degree specialist study area

Uplift your career-options with one or two future-focused business degrees. The Master of Business Management now offers single or double degree options.

Depending on the specialist studies you choose, you can graduate with a:

Entry level 1- 72 points to complete. Duration: 2 years part-time.

An Australian bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline* or an equivalent qualification,  with at least a credit (60%) average or an equivalent Grade Point Average.


An Australian bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification, with at least a credit (60%) average or an equivalent Grade Point Average plus at least two years relevant work experience**.

* Relevant disciplines include: Business, Commerce, Management.

**If you’re applying on the basis of work experience then you must provide a detailed curriculum vitae, outlining your employment history and professional experience.

Entry level 2 – 48 points to complete. Duration: 1.4 years part-time.

A Monash University Graduate Certificate of Business Management with at least a credit (60%) average


A Monash University Graduate Certificate of Human Resource Management with at least a credit (60%) average

English requirements

Applicants must also meet the English language requirements.

University entrance requirements

Minimum entrance requirements apply for admission to Monash University Australia.

If you need help understanding the above entry requirements, reach out to our student consultants on our contact us page and schedule a booking for a chat.

For the Master of Business Management, the estimated cost is $4,375.00 per unit. You may be eligible to receive a FEE-HELP loan to cover part or all of your tuition. Fees are subject to change annually.


We offer over 360 types of scholarships, valued at up to $280,000. Some scholarships offer one-off payments while others continue for the length of your course. Learn more about Monash Scholarships.

Looking for clarification on fees or scholarships?

Enquire with our student consultants and schedule a call to get your questions answered.

Career outcomes

The workplace of the future is an exciting and dynamic place. The Master of Business Management degree is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in a constantly changing global environment.

What does the future look like for Business Administrators?

With a high demand for skilled professionals in the corporate world, Business Administrators are well-paid and a sought-after profession.



The most common salary for a Business Administrator in Australia.


3.9 / 5

Business Administrators rate their job satisfaction as very high.

Industry Growth


Projected job growth of Business Administrators over the next five years.

The Master of Business Management structure is incredibly flexible, allowing me to prioritise learning at times that suit me. The learning content is suitably challenging and is industry specific. The support and relationships developed with the OLAs is second to none.

Chloe Rozario

Master of Business Management


Learn more about our Master of Business Management

MBA (Digital) or Master of Business Management?

Business Management online at Monash

Undertake a master’s degree online with the elite Monash Business School, which is ranked among the top 1 per cent of business schools in the world and is a holder of triple crown accreditation.  

You’ll take advanced foundational units and gain digital-focused specialist knowledge through application units before capping your professional development portfolio through career-driven industry projects. This course allows you to deep dive into a specialist studies of your choice, giving you a rounded and flexible graduate qualification.

Meet your academic team

Associate Professor Jonathan Matheny

Jonathan Matheny is the Director of Program Development for Leadership and Executive Education. He leads the development of new programs and teaches personal development, leadership and organisational change. He has led academic programs and lectures across North America, Europe and Asia.

Professor Richard Hall

Richard Hall is the Deputy Dean of Leadership and Executive Education. His research is in management and organisational studies, including leadership, technology and organisational change and the future of work. He is the Co-editor of Leadership Development and Practice, and his research has been published internationally.

Dr Andrea Fenton

Dr Andrea Fenton is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Leadership and Executive Education at the Monash Business School. Andrea has a long association with Monash University, having completed her Master of Business here in 2006 and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate subjects for the past six years.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Master of Business Management aims to equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate a management role within your current discipline.
Alternatively, the Master of Enterprise is a broad, future-focused degree that aims to expand your knowledge outside your current discipline.
No. The specialist study will not show up on your transcript.
The Master of Business Management provides students with advanced foundational knowledge required to navigate senior management roles within a specific specialisation or department. Course content builds on project work and skills to manage organisations, with students undertaking study in their chosen area of specialisation.   The MBA (Digital) is designed for students with previous managerial experience who are looking to progress their careers into higher management roles. Course content focuses on strategic leadership, decision-making across key business areas and professional development.
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