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Five benefits of an MBA for an entrepreneur

An MBA offers value at every stage of business development, and is a sound investment for ambitious entrepreneurs.

One brilliant idea is all you need to take your first steps as an entrepreneur. But what else will help transform your vision into a sustainably profitable organisation that can realise its fullest potential?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) extends your expertise beyond your instincts and experience to provide a practical and theoretical framework for your decision-making, clearing the way for you to excel in the business world. Pursuing an MBA provides a strong competitive edge and helps you navigate complexity within any industry by offering five key areas of value.

1. Skills and knowledge

Making informed decisions is an essential component of successful business leadership. An MBA will equip you with a thorough understanding of modern business practice and provide strategies for harnessing current industry forces for the benefit of your organisation.

Units in marketing, management, logistics, finance, human resources and crisis management will prepare you for any situation as your business grows within a shifting commercial landscape, allowing you to identify and capitalise on every opportunity that comes your way.

2. A ready-made network

Studying for an MBA gives you access to a pool of potential clients, collaborators, vendors and mentors. Your academic team are business experts who may be able to connect you to important contacts, and your fellow students are a ready-made professional network, all at different stages of their business careers.
If you choose to study online, interactive virtual classrooms such as Monash online’s Moodle allow you to make meaningful connections with your peers without ever having to meet in person.

3. Credibility

Show investors and clients that you know what you’re talking about. An MBA will signal to stakeholders that they can trust your judgement because you are knowledgeable and committed. You will never feel out of your depth when negotiating contracts, managing staff or promoting your business, and you will be able to lead decisively and with confidence.

4. Resources and support

Many MBA programs offer students support throughout their studies, resources that they can apply in their work and guidance on how to implement their learnings in their careers. When you undertake an MBA (Digital) through Monash online, you will have access to support seven days per week at every stage of your learning journey, and resources that you can continue to draw upon long after you graduate.

Student advisers will assist you with queries about your enrolment, academic skills and technical issues, and then online learning advisers in each of your units will help with assessments, provide feedback and advise you on how to apply your coursework to your own business, now and in the future.

5. Flexibility

The days of having to take time away from your business to gain a degree are over. Online study is the flexible, modern solution to the challenge of balancing work and tertiary education. When you study with Monash online, you will never have to attend on-campus classes but will still be a part of the triple-accredited Monash Business School and be taught by Monash’s expert academics.

Best of all, you will receive the same qualifications as an on-campus student, all from your immersive, interactive online classroom. Study on the train, at the cafe or in the office, and elevate your business skillset when and where it suits you.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business leader, an MBA is a wise investment in your career and the future of your business.

Speak to a Monash online course consultant about how an MBA (Digital) can help you realise your entrepreneurial vision.

Monash's reputation in the MBA space was the main draw card for me. The 'digital' component was really interesting too; helping prepare for increasingly dynamic and digitalised business operating environments. It doesn't feel like a cookie cutter MBA curriculum.

Niamh Moyan

MBA (Digital)