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Graduate Diploma of Computer Science
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Harness the power of technology

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Harness the power of technology 

There has never been a better time to make a career shift into the technology sector. Jobs have boomed over the past two decades and show no sign of slowing down. Secure your pathway into this dynamic field with a Graduate Diploma of Computer Science.  

With a choice to specialise in software engineering, cybersecurity or artificial intelligence, this course will give you a deep level of knowledge of the technology making a lasting impact on the world. You’ll be primed to thrive in the job market, with an almost endless array of career opportunities before you. 

What you will learn 
  • Computer science theory
    Devise innovative solutions to computer science problems in practical contexts. 
  • Computer science fundamentals
    Acquire technical skills in a range of areas: Java programming, algorithms, systems architecture, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and more. 
  • Specialist skills
    Specialise in one of the following areas: software engineering, cybersecurity or artificial intelligence. 

Thrive in this field

You can specialise in software engineering, cybersecurity or artificial intelligence. Once graduated you will be primed to thrive in the industry, with a near-endless array of career opportunities.

5 stars out of 5

IT specialists report very high job satisfaction

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Growing industry

Rapid advancements create jobs

28% job growth expected for IT Business analysts within 5 years.

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Our worldwide University rankings

Monash University holds high rankings domestically and internationally for research and teaching excellence. 
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The World University Rankings
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QS World University Rankings

Pathways to a masters degree

You can graduate with a Graduate Diploma of Computer Science; in approximately 1.4 years part-time, after completing 48 units (48 credit points total).

You can also:

  • continue studying after completing approximately 1.7 years part-time, 12 units (72 credit points total), and you’ll receive a Master of Computer Science; or
  • exit the course after completing approximately 0.7 years part-time, 4 units (24 credit points), and you’ll receive a Graduate Certificate of Computer Science.

The course is structured in two parts: Part A. Core masters studies and Part B. Specialist studies.

Need further clarification about our online course structure?

You can submit an enquiry directly to our student consultants by using the form listed on our contact us page. You’ll have the opportunity to schedule a call if you’d like to receive further information.

These units will provide a critical understanding of theoretical and practical issues related to computer science.

You must complete all of the following units.

Architecture and networks

Introduction to databases

Foundations of computing

Java programming

Introduction to Python

The focus of these units is specialising in the area of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity or software engineering.

You must complete all of the following units.

Fundamentals of artificial intelligence

Software engineering

Information and computer security

Choose 1 unit from one of the Master of Computer Science specialist units

Entry level 1: 48 credit points to complete

Duration: 1.4 years part-time
An Australian bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline with at least a credit (60 per cent) average.

This should include successful completion of relevant coursework on programming, foundational mathematics for computing*, and computer network architecture.

*To undertake artificial intelligence studies, you must have knowledge of calculus and linear algebra at the level of undergraduate physical science or engineering.

Entry level 2: 24 credit points to complete

Duration: 0.7 years part-time
A Monash University Graduate Certificate of Computer Science with at least credit (60%) average.

English requirements

Applicants must meet the English language requirements.

University entrance requirements

Minimum entrance requirements apply for admission to Monash University Australia.

If you need help understanding the above entry requirements, reach out to our student consultants on our contact us page and schedule a booking for a chat.

For the Graduate Diploma of Computer Science, the estimated cost is $4,862.50 per unit. You may be eligible to receive a FEE-HELP loan to cover part or all of your tuition. Fees are subject to change annually.


We offer over 360 types of scholarships, valued at up to $280,000. Some scholarships offer one-off payments while others continue for the length of your course. Learn more about Monash Scholarships.

Looking for clarification on fees or scholarships?

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Career outcomes

The workplace of the future is an exciting and dynamic place. A Graduate Diploma of Computer Science degree is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in a constantly changing global environment.

What does the future look like for Security Analysts?

Security is an ever-growing, expansive industry, and analysts in this field are sought-after and well-paid.



The most common salary for a Security Analyst role in Victoria.


4 / 5

Security Analysts report high job satisfaction.

Industry Growth


Expected growth for Security Analysts over five years.

Computer Science online at Monash

The Graduate Diploma of Computer Science combines foundational knowledge and skills with specialist study.

Software engineering 

With organisations increasingly looking to digital systems and solutions, software engineering specialists are integral. This speciality covers aspects of the software lifecycle, together with the tools required to deliver robust reliable software, on time and within budget. 


As the security risks arising from an increasingly digital world increase, specialists in cybersecurity have never been more important. This specialisation covers the skills to manage and administer cybersecurity and blockchain.  

Artificial intelligence 

With artificial intelligence making its way into every aspect of our lives, the field requires specialists with the knowledge and skills to effectively build AI-based products and intelligent systems. This specialisation covers the many facets of AI, as well as its impact on organisations, society and the world. 


Meet your academic team

Yi-Shan Tsai

Course coordinator

Yi-Shan Tsai is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Human-Centred Computing in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University. Her work seeks to enhance learning experiences and teaching practice through the use of data and AI technologies.

I am currently in a career transition phase, working to become a full-time software engineer; all this made possible by the excellent pathways Monash has created.

Rashid Elhouli

Graduate of Computer Science

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your academic performance, you can get credit for one or possibly two units if you have completed the Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Science. You would need to apply and get advice from the Monash Online admissions team.
Computer Science covers a broad range of IT related technologies from developing software and web applications; to administering databases and network security. Applied Data Science will help you develop the technical skills required for wrangling data and analysing it. Applied Data Science also focuses on programming and advanced mathematical modelling to achieve these outcomes. You’ll require previous knowledge – academic or work experience – within the IT and/or science or maths field already.
IT Business and Systems Analysts are amongst the highest paid ICT professions in Australia. With strong demand forecast, there’s been an incredibly high job vacancy rate for business analysts with strong ICT systems qualifications.
IT Project Managers experiencing a very strong demand and higher than average wages, compared to other management positions across other disciplines.
Receive a one-on-one consultation about your study options.

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