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Graduate Certificate of Analytics

100% online

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Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Aug, Oct

Stand out within your organisation through confident, data-based decision-making.

Drive decision-making with data 

Data analysts use numbers to tell a compelling story. This graduate qualification will provide you with the fundamental skills you need to make informed business decisions using complex data.  

Become a leader in organisational decision-making in any field you choose to pursue, including business, government and health. The growth of analytics and data-based decision-making means that a graduate qualification in analytics will open up a vast range of career opportunities. Completion of the course may also provide a pathway into the Master of Analytics. 

What you will learn 
  • Data analysis
    Convert raw data into actionable insights.
  • Mathematics and statistical modelling
    Build the mathematical foundation that underlies analytical modelling.
  • Python and R programming
    Acquire skills in the industry-standard Python programming and R programming languages to conduct rigorous data modelling and visualisation. 

The course comprises four units, in which you will be introduced to analytic principles and skills at an advanced graduate level.

Core units

You must complete the following units.

Introduction to data analysis

Introduction to Python

Mathematical foundations for data science an AI

You must complete one of the following units.

Collaborative and reproducible practices

Data visualisation and analytics

Introduction to accounting analytics

Predictive analytics in business

Statistical data modelling

An Australian bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification.

Applicants must have successfully completed a first year undergraduate statistics unit, or provide evidence of qualifications/training or experience that the faculty considers to be equivalent.

English requirements

Applicants must meet the English language requirements.

University entrance requirements

Minimum entrance requirements apply for admission to Monash University Australia.

For the Graduate Certificate of Analytics, the estimated cost is $3775.00 per unit. You may be eligible to receive a  FEE-HELP loan to cover part or all of your tuition. Fees are subject to change annually.


We offer over 360 types of scholarships, valued at up to $280,000. Some scholarships offer one-off payments while others continue for the length of your course. Learn more about Monash Scholarships.  

Analytics online at Monash

The flexibility of this 100 per cent online course allows you to create a learning schedule that works for you. You don’t need to disrupt work or personal commitments to gain an understanding of analytical principles, with subjects that cover Python programming, R programming, data science and data modelling. 

Your interactive virtual classroom offers the ideal platform for study – situating you in the digital environment and providing you with a ready-made professional network of fellow students and experienced teachers. 

Meet your academic team

Associate Professor Jonathan Matheny

Jonathan Matheny is the Director of Program Development for Leadership and Executive Education. He leads the development of new programs and teaches personal development, leadership and organisational change. He has led academic programs and lectures across North America, Europe and Asia.

Peter Liu

Peter Liu is an IT professional with over seven years’ experience in enterprise systems and data analytics. He has been involved in large-scale system integration projects in a range of sectors. Peter has received multiple award nominations for teaching excellence.

Monash has propelled my career to new heights I never thought possible.


Monash Online student

Industry insights

Apply your analytics skills in a range of fields including:

  • business
  • government
  • health
  • science
  • education
  • data science.

4.0 stars out of 5
Data analysts rate their job satisfaction as very high.

12.9% job growth is expected for data analyst roles over the next five years.

$110,000 is the most common salary for data analysts in Victoria.

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