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Career Advice

Everything You Need to Know About Data Science Jobs & Careers

Data science job opportunities are growing, discover how to become a data scientist. There are many industry pathways, read this job breakdown to learn more.
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Pursuing a Senior Career in Health

Australia’s health sector offers a choice of career pathways. Get an overview of the industry and discover public health job opportunities here.
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Pursuing a Career in Psychology

There are many career pathways available to psychology graduates. Discover where a career in psychology could take you with Monash Online.
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Meet our students: Denise

After working as a Physician for 25 years, Denise decided it was time to start pursuing her dream of becoming a leader in the health care sector. Enrolling into Master of Health Administration with Monash Online was Denise’s first step.
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Meet our students: Amanda

The Dark Tetrad may sound like something from a fantasy novel, but it’s far from fiction for current Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced (GDPA) student Amanda. Narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism make up the personality traits known as the Dark Tetrad and forms the foundation of her current research project.
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Data Ethics Considerations in Data Science

Data management can involve tricky ethical considerations. Become an expert in data ethics by studying data science with Monash Online.
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Machine Learning in Data Science

Discover the principles of machine learning and their applications in data science. Enrol in the Graduate Diploma of Data Science with Monash Online.
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Global Trends Affecting Public Health in Australia

Global trends are transforming public health in Australia. Discover how postgraduate study can help you make positive change as health care evolves.
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Why Aspiring Psychologists Should Consider an Online 4th-Year Program

Our 100% online Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced offers flexible study options. Discover the benefits of furthering your psychology education online.
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