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Why graduate students are choosing online study

By studying online, you can acquire future-ready skills while you continue to work, live your life and do what’s important to you.

The future of online learning

Why graduate students are choosing online study

Not so long ago, tertiary study was bound to the university classroom, the in-person lecture and the tutorial. And while on-campus education isn’t going anywhere, online education is providing more options for students than ever before. 

Online education has arrived at a time when technology and the drive towards innovation is only accelerating. If we’re to take the challenges of digital disruption and convert them into opportunities, online study has a vital role to play, particularly at the graduate level. 

The benefits of postgraduate study

The need for experienced professionals in emerging industries 

The jobs of tomorrow won’t look exactly like the jobs of today. There is a growing demand for highly skilled and qualified workers in the professional, scientific and technical services industry, particularly in fields that deal with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cyber security and blockchain.  

It’s an exciting time to be living in, but the acceleration of technology also presents a problem for these growing industries. It will take time to train professionals in traditional modes of on-campus education, especially in fields that are moving so rapidly. 

By liberating learning from the on-campus classroom, online education creates more opportunities for mid-career professionals with busy lives to upskill and fill skill gaps. 

Online study allows you to acquire new skills quickly while you continue to work, so you don’t have to take valuable time away from the workforce as you gain a graduate qualification. Employers will also benefit from the considerable professional experience and cutting-edge skills that you bring to the table.  

The future of online graduate study

Online graduate study: the difference 

There are many reasons to study a graduate qualification online, particularly in a job economy where lifelong learning is becoming increasingly important. When you go that extra step and embrace your ongoing professional development, you set yourself up to reap the rewards and demonstrate that you’re more than capable of keeping up with changing times. 

This is why the online study experience through Monash is all about providing you with hands-on learning from the very beginning, integrating theory with the realities of professional practice. 

By studying online, you have an unparalleled ability to balance study with work, family and other commitments. With six entry points a year for every course, you can study at the time that works best for you. 

Securing career prospects in challenging times 

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a great deal about the structure of the society we live in, and demonstrated the importance of lifelong learning. 

The QILT Graduate Outcomes Survey – an annual survey that measures graduate outcomes post-tertiary education in Australia – determined that workers with a graduate qualification maintained a stronger career throughout 2020, even amidst significant economic uncertainty. 

Pre-pandemic, the 2019 GOS survey indicated that 72.2 per cent of graduates with an undergraduate qualification secured employment, compared to 86.8 per cent of those with a graduate qualification. 

Post-pandemic this dropped sharply to 68.7 per cent for undergraduate qualification-holders, but only to 85.6 per cent for graduate qualification-holders – speaking to the stronger career outcomes for those with a graduate qualification, as well as their career resilience in the face of economic upheaval. 

Those with a graduate qualification can also expect to earn a higher median salary of $87,400 (for graduate coursework students) or $93,000 (for graduate research students) compared to just $64,700 for those with only an undergraduate qualification. 

The future of online graduate study 

Online graduate study is here to stay, providing invaluable opportunities for those who are committed to lifelong learning and want to upskill but prefer not to take time out of their busy schedules to study on campus. 

By making the decision to study a graduate degree online, you will be committing to your ongoing professional development, and have the opportunity to reinforce your existing experience with a new and workplace-relevant skillset. 

The times are changing, and you can too. Apply to study a Monash graduate course online today, and take a step towards securing your career for the long term.