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Creating a study space that’s right for you

How to create your perfect study space

Tight class schedules and time-consuming commutes are draining when you’re studying. Online study cuts out these parts of your day, leaving you more time to study and, most importantly, more time for your own life. By studying online you’ll have the flexibility to decide when and where you study.  

Therefore, you need a study space that supports your learning. Distractions follow us everywhere, and it’s important to know how we can limit them. To help, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks so you can stay focused while studying online.  

Choose a location that invites concentration  

The benefit of online study is that you can do it anywhere, so there’s no need for a permanent study set-up. However, it’s still important to feel comfortable and productive in the location you choose.  

Ideally, this space should be quiet and separated from everyday distractions. Ask yourself where you focus best. It might be in your bedroom or at your dining room table, where there’s limited noise. Or maybe you prefer to study in a quiet cafe or library with your headphones on.  

Whatever your preference, it should be a space that allows you to withdraw from the world for a few hours and focus on the task at hand.  

Create a study space at home

Cast distractions away  

Distractions are everywhere. Because online study requires you to make every second of study count, it’s vital to know how to cast away distractions.  

A good start is to leave your phone in another room or turn it off completely if you struggle to resist the temptation of a good scroll. You can also let people in your household know when and where you’re planning to study so they know not to interrupt you.  

By ridding yourself of these distractions early on you’ll develop a better capacity to concentrate.  

Prepare all your study materials 

Nothing is more disruptive than realising you left something you need in another room. Hunting for something while you’re supposed to be studying isn’t an effective use of your time. You can avoid this by making sure you have all your materials ready at the start of a study session.  

Take note of which units you’re planning on studying and have all those study materials ready. Keep your laptop charger on hand and prepare your snacks beforehand so you won’t be interrupted later.  

Any steps you can take to prepare at the start of your study time keep you focused in the long run.  

Adjust your lighting  

Pay attention to your lighting. If your study space isn’t lit properly, you can strain your eyes. You can limit this by adjusting your screen’s brightness so it’s comfortable, and ensuring there’s sufficient light where you’re studying. This might be overhead lighting, light from a lamp or, best of all, natural sunlight.  

If you find staring at a computer screen hurts your eyes, you can always invest in a pair of blue light glasses. It’s important to look after your eyes when you’re studying. After all, they are one of your most important tools.  

Staying focused while studying online isn’t impossible. All it takes is a study space that manages distractions and invites concentration. By taking small steps to create a comfortable space for yourself, you’ll be ready to study efficiently and effectively. 

To learn more about how you can make online study work for you and your lifestyle, contact our course consultants online or call them on 1300 272 509.