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Finding the postgraduate course that fits your ambitions

Finding the postgraduate course that fits your ambition, and your life Online graduate study is all about providing more opportunities for professionals to access courses that fit into their long-term plans.

Online graduate study is all about providing more opportunities for professionals to access courses that fit into their long-term plans. This is why Monash is committed to delivering more high-quality graduate study options in the online space. 

We understand that people – especially mid-career professionals – often have the desire to study, but aren’t able to take much time off work. It’s a practical problem that demands a practical solution. 

By breaking the traditional boundaries of on-campus education, you’ll have the option of attaining a degree from Monash University while you continue to balance professional work and your other commitments, no matter where you are in Australia.  

The unparalleled flexibility of online study 

Thanks to the flexibility of online study, you’ll be able to fit further education into your life. Whereas in the past it was challenging for professionals to take time away from work and family commitments to enhance their education, now anyone can do it, anywhere in Australia, and from the comfort of their own home. 

We know that postgraduate study is a phenomenal investment, leading to stronger employment outcomes and higher salaries, so the first decision you will have to make is what course you’re looking for, and which university is going to provide you with the experience you need to take your next career step with confidence. 

Online graduate courses: Find the right one for you

Taking the time to explore your options 

Graduate study is an opportunity to extend your education and take the next step in your career, or even to explore a new field of professional knowledge altogether. With this in mind, a little research at the outset can go a long way, and help make your education ambitions a reality. With so many online study options available, it’s important to tailor your research to your situation. What are your goals? Are you planning to upskill in your current industry, or transition into another field or specialisation? 

Online graduate study through Monash can help you do both. You might be an ICT professional, for instance, with a growing desire to specialise in the emerging field of analytics, in which case a Graduate Certificate or Master of Analytics would be the perfect fit – allowing you to upskill while you continue to work. Alternatively, you might be seeking to transition into a career as a psychologist, in which case Monash’s fully online and accredited Graduate Diploma of Psychology will help you take that all-important first step. 

Diving into the online study experience 

Online study doesn’t have to be daunting, even if it’s your first time. When you study an online graduate qualification, you will have access to the same wide range of support services as on-campus students. With the guidance of your online learning advisers, you’ll have everything you need to engage with your online study. 

There are six short and focused teaching periods per year – each running for six weeks – giving you many options as to when you complete your units throughout the year and allowing you to align your study with work and other commitments. 

Ready to look?

See what online study graduate study makes possible, and explore our full range of online courses today. 
Whether you’re still considering your options, or know exactly what you want to study, don’t hesitate to contact one our dedicated course consultants on 1300 272 509.