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Exploring the careers of learning analytics

The Graduate Certificate of Learning Analytics is a unique qualification that embraces key concepts from data science alongside human-centered educational design.

Learn about the career opportunities in learning analytics

Monash academics from our learning design department take you through the career outcomes of the Graduate Certificate of Learning Analytics.


The Graduate Certificate of Learning Analytics is a unique qualification that embraces both key concepts and methods from data science alongside human-centred and educational design fundamentals to explore the practice and application of learning analytics.

Carefully developed by pioneers in the field at our Centre for Learning Analytics Monash (COLAM), you’ll gain a comprehensive knowledge of the area and explore key issues related to ethics and the associated implications for policy making. COLAM is a world leader in learning analytics and a globally renowned hub for educating students and professionals.

With the rise of big data, this qualification holds great potential for a wide range of professionals to step forward in their careers and to the forefront of a dynamic field supporting learners on their educational journeys.

This future-focused course is available to anyone with an undergraduate degree who wants to learn how to harness the potential of the big data stored in our schools, higher education institutions and workplaces.

Improving the efficacy of education requires reflection on its practices, and the application of learning analytics can provide evidence for practice improvement and quality enhancement. This qualification provides you with a laser focus on the research and practices of using data to support educators, trainers, and learners, empowering them with an improved experience, and enriching their learning and associated environments.

Our Graduate Certificate of Learning Analytics gives you practical opportunities to explore your passion for human learning, education and data in real-world settings, with activities and assessments based around conversational interactions that empower you to think critically about your practice.

This field holds many possibilities for candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, including:

  • researchers
  • teachers, lecturers, and trainers
  • educational or learning designers
  • educational leaders
  • institutional leaders
  • policymakers
  • developers of learning analytics-related technologies

There’s a large range of career outcomes with options to work in a variety of sectors from formal educational settings and vocational education through to professional institutions and government – to create an impact in innovation and policy making.

Career options include:

  • Data analyst
  • Learning analyst
  • Learning consultant
  • Specialists in learning analytics
  • Educational designer
  • Learning technologist
  • Educational data scientist
  • Educational researcher
  • Director of data science
  • Director of data futures and analytics

Learning analytics is a natural career progression for teachers, that upskills and future-proofs their career, preparing them for challenges in the school environment.

If you’re a Chief Learning Officer, Digital Officer or Chief Information Officer across an organisation that is focused on learning and education, this course is an opportunity to enhance your skills and further your ability to implement positive change. It is also an ideal option for entrepreneurs from learning analytics and artificial intelligence-focused start-ups.

On graduating you’ll gain the vital knowledge and skills that are essential to work across the three main discipline areas in industry:

  1. Student focus – working with student retention or success
  2. Digital focus – designing educational technology
  3. Research focus – exploring research through education, psychology, or IT

As the world becomes progressively complex, education providers and learners are increasingly under pressure to maintain adaptable skill sets. At this juncture, learning analytics has the power to create dynamism and transformation for education in ways that we’ve never seen before. This course places you at the forefront of this expansive field and gives you broader access to the industry and its career options.

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