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What is the Graduate Certificate of Learning Analytics?

Explore the career outcomes of Monash online's Graduate Certificate of Learning Analytics.

Learn about the Graduate Certificate of Learning Analytics

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The Centre for Learning Analytics Monash (COLAM) is a world leader in learning analytics and a globally renowned hub for educating students and professionals. Created by pioneers and key leaders in the field, it is the only specialised learning analytics centre in Australia.

Our Graduate Certificate in Learning Analytics is a first-of-its-kind qualification to be primarily focused on the practice and engagement of learning analytics.

This future-focused qualification is available to anyone with an undergraduate degree and a drive to transform education. You’ll be empowered to harness the potential of the big data that is being stored in our schools, higher education institutions and workplaces. The data is used to support learners on their educational journey by applying the insights that are gained from the application of data science.

We use our state-of-the-art findings in learning analytics and apply these with leaders in the field, including entrepreneurs and leading practitioners, ensuring that we approach the certificate through a practical lens with real-world applications.

Your learning experience is based on a framework that embraces both the technical aspects of working with data and the application of artificial intelligence techniques to modelling, alongside educational theory. We also emphasize human-centred design aspects, discovering how we can create visual interfaces that are engaging and effective in supporting reflection, teaching, training, and learning.

Based on the widely recognised model of learning analytics, you’ll focus on the key aspects of data science, but also consider the human-centred factors that shape the way that learning analytics are designed, the underpinning technologies and education. We apply the latest practice to a theoretical framework, and you’ll experience a detailed and comprehensive view with opportunities to critically reflect on key issues. You’ll also explore the area of ethics and privacy protection, key issues in the industry and the implications of adoption and policymaking.

Within a four-unit structure, you’ll begin your learning journey with the fundamentals, providing you with an understanding of analytics. This will lead to a second unit exploring educational theories and an introduction to the key constructs in learning sciences that underpin learning analytics. This unit provides an opportunity to explore the process and concept of learning which informs the fundamental approaches to learning analytics.

Your third unit, Human Centred Learning Analytics focuses on how we include humans in the loop and encourages you to critically reflect on the challenges of both including and not applying human-centred elements in learning analytics. Finally, in Introduction to Data Science for Learning Analytics, you’ll explore the essential data analytic techniques that have been used in the field to investigate key questions concerning learners and learning.

This course is structured specifically to help you understand the technical aspects of learning analytics and the educational theory underpinning effective design. Practical and hands-on, we empower you to use real-world data to discover your insights. All activities and assessments are focused on the discussion of your research and enable you to think critically about your practice.

This field holds many possibilities for candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, including:

  • researchers
  • teachers
  • educational or learning designers
  • educational leaders
  • institutional leaders
  • policymakers
  • developers of learning analytics-related technologies

Our Graduate Certificate of Learning Analytics is a dynamic and transformational qualification with a wide reach across industry and career options. If you’re passionate about education, data, or both areas, this course empowers you to create positive change in real-world settings, enhancing teaching and improving student’s learning experiences and success.

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