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Embrace transformation with the Master of Enterprise

This education experience is designed to empower you to thrive and meet the future demands of work.

We’ve created the Master of Enterprise as a future-focused degree in response to changes in the world’s digital, economic, environmental and social circumstances.

This education experience is designed to empower you to thrive and meet the future demands of work.

You’ll learn to respond to multifaceted global and workforce challenges, as you rethink the growth model and dare to radically transform organisations or create new ones.

What is the master of enterprise?

We’ve started a revolution in post-graduate education. We provide the framework and guidance, allowing you to adapt your degree to meet your changing needs.

Be inspired to make choices that resonate with your changing needs. You’ll be career-ready, able to pivot and flexible for the future of work.

We’re focused on building a different future with you, through our present.

  • Become a new kind of leader
    Dynamic global issues demand new approaches to leadership that work across disciplines and inspire new ideas. We want to enable you to become a leader with intellectual courage, wisdom and the tools to deal with complex and urgent problems.
  • Develop a holistic mindset
    Our transdisciplinary approach offers you a more effective method of building knowledge and comprehension of the complex issues facing our world. You’ll discover collaborative solutions and deliver results with wider support and agreement.
  • Engage in entrepreneurial problem-solving
    You’ll face wicked problems and learn to employ complex reasoning skills across disciplines. We’ll equip you with the ability to effectively address the multifaceted issues of workforce challenges.
  • Face global challenges
    Engage with solutions and become a driver for the positive changes needed to address urgent challenges. You’ll contribute to understanding the far-reaching issues of climate change, enhancing geopolitical security and fostering thriving communities.

How does it work?

We’ve created three innovative Enterprise themes: The Sustainable Enterprise, The Digital Enterprise and The Enterprising Leader.

You can start with one unit and have the flexibility to stack different components to create your own personalised course. There are over 100 Monash online units – including 12 new, specifically designed Enterprise units to choose from.

Alternatively, you can select one of the Enterprise paths; digital, leadership or sustainability, to specialise and gain a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master’s degree in your chosen Enterprise theme.

If you’re interested in generalising, you also have the option of completing units in all three themes to complete a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master of Enterprise.

The flexibility of this course includes a generous variety of credit options for university students, including Monash online learners who have completed units from a wide range of disciplines. These enable you to pivot and try different themes as you consider your study and career choices.

What are the Enterprise themes?

The Sustainable Enterprise

Explore how enterprise and society can meet our present and future needs to operate sustainably and profitably. Incorporate these practices into your business decisions and become a leader implementing responsible growth. You’ll focus on complex issues around social entrepreneurship, diversity, inclusion and social justice.

The Digital Enterprise

Gain knowledge and apply digital technologies to transform business models, processes, cultures and organisations sustainably. You’ll develop your skills with a focus on digital literacy, sustainable data and using AI for good, empowering you to move into a leadership role in the technology industry.

The Enterprising Leader

Expand your mindset and understand yourself as a leader, engaging stakeholders in complex and paradoxical contexts. You’ll advance your skills in contemporary theory to lead with compassion and problem-solve holistically. Drive transformation by fusing technological progress and sustainability in business strategy.

Your future

We’re changing the rules and we want our credentials to empower you to transform the system from the inside out.

Through the Master of Enterprise and with your drive for change, aptitude for leadership, passion for sustainability and desire for thriving communities you’ll become:

  • Investors who pick projects based on their environmental impact
  • Leaders of organisations who work together with suppliers, non-government organisations and customers to reduce the impact of the value chain
  • Entrepreneurs who create sustainable options for individuals and companies
  • Accountants who transform the perception of what has value
  • Marketers and communicators who refuse greenwashing and choose to inform people with transparency
  • PhD students and researchers who explore new thoughtful models of prosperous degrowth
  • Teachers who educate their students to face problems
  • Politicians who implement strong and restrictive policies
  • Activists who push the limits to inspire us into action.

If you are ready to take the next step and become a leader of Enterprise, apply now or contact one of our course consultants at 1300 272 509.

The Master of Enterprises commences in March 2023. Schedule a time with a sales consultant to talk about your study options today.

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