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Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced

As you embark on the next chapter of your academic journey, one thing is clear: you are fuelled by a passion for understanding the human psyche. Monash University’s online Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced welcomes those who are ready to further their expertise in psychology.  

This program will not only enrich your knowledge but also bring you a step closer to becoming a registered psychologist. 

What does the diploma cover? 

The study of the human mind is vast and multifaceted. As part of our Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced, you’ll venture deeper into critical subjects such as developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, and the entwined areas of personality and social psychology. More than just textbook theories, this course ensures you understand professional ethics and their role in guiding research and practice. 

For Will Sutherland, a proud alumnus of this course and currently a Client Connect Team member at a private Psychology Clinic in Melbourne, the opportunity to study online at Monash proved invaluable.  

“I was happy to attend because I had heard good things from friends who had previously done this course,” he shared. “What sets it apart is the ability to do it all online, the six-week teaching periods, and the segmented thesis.” 

Online study: a game-changer 

Embracing our online study mode brings its own set of benefits. For starters, it offers immense flexibility, allowing you to mould your study patterns around personal and professional commitments.  

“It has meant that I could finish work at five and immediately log onto my laptop to do a lecture,” said Will, highlighting the adaptability of online learning at Monash. “I didn’t need to lose out on work or miss lectures.” 

At Monash, we’re committed to excellence. Our internationally recognised psychology courses rank #7 in Australia and #54 globally (The World University Rankings by Subject 2023), and you’ll recognise that quality whether you’re on campus or online. We also offer a unique award-winning Research Portal, which ensures you can access a comprehensive, high-quality virtual environment for your studies. 

What’s more, our teaching staff are instrumental in your learning journey. “I have had two or three absolutely standout tutors which have made this program great,” says William. “They made the work interesting and relevant.” 

Why study with Monash online? 

Monash is not just a name; it’s an institution synonymous with innovation, excellence, and leadership in education. Our legacy extends beyond the confines of traditional academic approaches and programs.  

You will be nurtured in a holistic ecosystem that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and a global perspective. We invest in research, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and collaborations with renowned institutions worldwide to ensure that you’re always at the forefront of any advancements in their field. 

Choosing Monash means aligning with a university that consistently garners international recognition. Beyond the impressive rankings, we take pride in our faculty: a blend of seasoned academics and industry pioneers who not only share knowledge but mentor students, to shape you into future leaders.  

Feedback from students like Will reinforces this. He notes the teaching quality as “excellent”, and loves that staff go the extra mile by “clarifying assessment requirements, answering questions during office hours, and actively engaging on the online message boards”. 

What are the career prospects?  

While the academic landscape of our Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced is undeniably rigorous and enlightening, its real strength lies in its approach to career readiness. The program blends theory with practice to ensure that you’re not just well-versed with concepts, but feel confident in applying them in real-world scenarios. 

This diploma is pivotal for those looking to carve a niche in psychology, a field that is increasingly gaining prominence. As mental health becomes a global focal point, the demand for qualified psychologists is unsurprisingly surging. Clinical psychologists, in particular, find themselves in roles that are both fulfilling and financially rewarding.  

With a high job satisfaction rate, an anticipated job growth of 13.3% over the next five years (Source: Seek), and an average salary that is a testament to the value they bring, your career prospects are certainly promising. 

What are you waiting for? 

Monash’s online Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced offers a comprehensive package.  

From a rich curriculum to the flexibility of online learning, and the esteemed faculty to a global reputation for excellence, studying with us is a pathway carved for success.  

“This course offers a realistic way for many people who want to be a psychologist to fulfil that goal,” says Will.  

Join Monash to study our online Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced and take the opportunity to step into the world of psychology with confidence and competence. Your future awaits.