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Data and analytics in organisations and society

Unit Code: MAO5002

Credit Points: 6


The use of data and application of analytics is now ubiquitous in addressing various problems in the organisational and public domain. Despite the widespread use of data and analytics, there are issues and challenges that students should be aware of its utility for enacting change and for decision making purposes. This unit will provide an overview of contemporary issues surrounding the utility of data and analytics. Real-world case studies (e.g., Cambridge Analytica and others) will illustrate potential undesirable and unintended consequences for using analytics and data-driven technologies. Students will develop an understanding of the economic, legal, and ethical considerations when considering the use of analytics. Frameworks and models on data governance will be introduced for building accountability to maximise proper usage of analytics tools. The unit will explore the “dark side” of data analytics and artificial intelligence to enable students to make balanced judgments about the positive and negative consequences of using data for specific goals.