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Data in society

Unit Code: ITO5205

Duration: 6 weeks

Contact Hours: 20-24 hours of study per week

Credit Points: 6


The explosion of data and discovery are transforming the way we live and work, altering relationships between government and citizens, businesses and consumers, the researchers and the researched, the public and private sectors, the individual and society.

This unit explores how big data analytics can potentially help grow the economy, improve health and education, support national security, protect the environment, enable more energy efficiency, drive innovation and progress and sustainable communities and cultures.

It also addresses the risks associated with the application of big data analytics in government and big business to support greater surveillance of citizen by state and consumers by business, disempower individuals and vulnerable communities, support discrimination, threaten social inclusion, social justice, human and civil rights, self-determination and privacy, and widen the divide between the data haves and have-nots.