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Dimensions of digital technology

Unit Code: LAW5801

Duration: 6 weeks

Contact Hours: 20-24 hours of study per week

Credit Points: 6


The digital revolution of the 21st century requires the law to evolve rapidly and in ways never thought of previously. This unit will provide you with technical knowledge of some of the fundamental aspects of the digital world and how those technologies intersect with the law.

You will examine key technologies and systems, for example, data collection and sharing, networks, automated decision-making, machine learning, artificial intelligence and surveillance technologies.

You will consider the operation of those technologies in light of existing legal principles and regulatory frameworks and how these can be re-interpreted for the digital context.

Learning objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the range of digital mechanisms and practices that are used in Australia and internationally, including data networks and systems, automated decision making, algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence and surveillance technologies
  • Critically analyse the way in which those digital technologies are designed, implemented and regulated
  • Synthesise information from a broad range of relevant sources to critically evaluate legal and ethical issues arising from a range of technologies, innovations and processes
  • Apply professional judgement to interpret legal conclusions and justify a considered opinion on case studies relevant to the application of digital technologies
  • Apply technical and legal knowledge to analyse the way in which future technological directions may develop and how these should be regulated by law.