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Leadership for Sustainable Development

Unit Code: LEO5108

Duration: 6 weeks

Contact Hours: 20-24 hours of study per week

Credit Points: 6


In an age marked by cases of corporate malfeasance, a global pandemic and climate change, leadership increasingly needs to demonstrate a commitment to the principles of sustainable development. Leadership needs to be aligned to more than just efficiency and profitability goals; it needs to be directed to the longer-term sustainability goals including the responsible management of resources, the welfare and growth of its employees, customers, clients and stakeholders, and a commitment to improving environmental, social and economic impacts.

The unit explores some of the key models, approaches and practices of leadership that are inclusive, collaborative and long term in their orientation and aspiration. The practical implication of these leadership styles is then examined in reference to specific challenges of sustainable development.

You will engage with the ways in which contemporary leadership practice can contribute to meeting sustainable development principles and ESG imperatives which increasingly confront today’s businesses.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an advanced understanding and application of contemporary leadership theory, models and frameworks
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognise, evaluate and lead the adoption of sustainable development principles.