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The enterprising leader

Unit Code: LEO5101

Duration: 6 weeks

Contact Hours: 20-24 hours of study per week

Credit Points: 6


In the era of emergence, enterprising leaders need an ever-evolving understanding of disruptive forces, coupled with the ability to imagine alternative futures to (re)shape our world. This unit introduces futurism as a lens to make sense of and contribute to global debates and challenges such as climate change, geopolitical security and thriving communities.

You will develop your entrepreneurial mindset and learn about how to lead the transition from where you are now, to the world you imagine in the future. To do this, you will engage at the intersection of two momentous forces: technological progress and social movement.

Upon completion, you will be able to come up with exciting futures and spirited change initiatives that are rooted in environmental, social and economic perspectives.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply an entrepreneurial mindset to complex community and enterprise problems
  • Practice futurist agency in imagining and creating the kind of future we want to live in, and the actions we can take to get us there
  • Critically analyse and evaluate the interconnections among leadership, economic, environmental and social perspectives
  • Create transition initiatives based on cutting edge technology and principles of social movement.