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Keys to success for project managers

In the complexities of the information age, the future of work is all about collaborative projects that help drive economic and social development. However, as technology advances at a rapid pace, many industries have realised that it’s the human element behind the technology that is truly indispensable.

Given such a focus on collaboration, it’s no surprise that Project Management is expected to grow by 6.2% over the next five years, with the demand outlook being even stronger for project managers who can not only navigate tech but can also influence and lead successful teams irrespective of organisational culture and context.

Demand hasn’t abated even during the COVID-19 pandemic, with SEEK featuring over 7,000 jobs at the time of writing, and with an upward trend expected as the economy recovers.

There are doubtless many opportunities for project managers to advance their career or move into the field for the first time. But do you have what it takes to set yourself apart from the competition?

The human-centred approach to project management

As industries change, project management best practices are evolving too. It’s impossible to downplay the impact of disruptive digital technologies on the careers of project managers. However, the more technology changes ways of working, the more essential the human element behind the inputs and outputs of that technology becomes.

Take artificial intelligence, for example. For project managers, AI can automate routine administrative tasks and minimise human error – in the construction industry, it is already responsible for major improvements in building design and modelling. This means AI liberates project managers to focus on people-centric complexities that are inherent to every project, and on dependencies that require a personal touch such as ‘people management, project vision, team building and network development’.

In time, this means there will likely be less demand for junior project management roles as they are known today.  To set themselves apart, project managers need to cultivate people-centred competencies that can’t be automated by powerful, disruptive AI. These are enduring, career-spanning soft skills that allow you to lead, motivate, collaborate and communicate with teams effectively, bringing a sense of vision and purpose to projects, whilst supported by the intelligent use of new technologies.

How to develop successful project management skills

Monash’s approach to project management

In Monash’s 100% online Project Management degrees, everything you’ll learn is workplace-relevant – with a pronounced focus on developing your own deep insights into the people-centred skills you need for a successful and lasting career.

Managing the project context is a unit you’ll study early on, and it emphasises the importance of communication in the project environment, not just for the successful management of human resources and stakeholders, but also in the context of the broader organisational culture and politics. You’ll develop the tools to communicate effectively to unite a team behind a common goal.

Similarly, you’ll explore the relationship between project elements in the Project as a social system unit, and gain a deep understanding of how to accommodate local and personal attributes in your project plan.

Monash – the university of choice for graduate project management

Monash’s Project Management online course suite – including a comprehensive graduate certificategraduate diploma and master of project management – is a flexible program developed for experienced project managers who want to formalise their knowledge or those who are new to the field.

It is delivered in 6 intakes throughout the year, allowing you to upskill while you continue to work.

It stands apart for its workplace relevance and academic credentials. Designed in consultation with a project management Industry Advisory Council, the qualification is a result of a collaboration between leading project management organisations and experts from a range of industries Australia-wide.

To find out more or to receive tailored advice on whether a postgraduate project management qualification is right for you, speak to one of our course consultants on 1300 272 509.

I choose this course because of the ‘carousel’ style delivery, I could jump out with a Grad Dip or stay all the way to Masters. This eased any uncertainty, and I ended up staying all the way through to Masters completion as I enjoyed the connections I made with staff and other students.

Erica Baker,

Master of Project Management