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    We think that's brilliant.

    Welcome to Monash Online

    We’re bringing online learning to life in a way that’s never been done before in Australia. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of innovation in education.

    Monash Online nurtures every individual through a personalised and highly interactive online experience. We use audio, video, chat and more to help you learn anywhere, anytime from your laptop, tablet or mobile. We also provide dedicated support from admission through to graduation. The result is an empowered community that’s energized by brilliant thinking.

    “Consider Monash Online an invitation to be brilliant – on your terms.”

    Let’s get started. Right now, we’re offering an online Graduate Diploma in Psychology, an online Master of Health Administration and an online Master of Public Health.

    Why choose Monash Online?

      Why choose Monash Online?

      Monash is the first in the Group of Eight to offer a personalised online learning experience. For the lifelong learners and the intellectually curious, this is an opportunity to earn an advanced qualification online from a leading university ranked in the top 1% globally.

      Expect a quality learning experience.

      Monash Online is a gateway to world-class learning. It’s how we provide working professionals with access to the same high quality educational experience as our on-campus courses. Now you have the opportunity to be brilliant regardless of where you live, your professional obligations, or your personal commitments.

      You have all our support, all the way.

      The Monash culture is one of lifelong learning and collaboration. We are dedicated to providing you with a personalised support team that will be by your side from admission through graduation and beyond. We recognize that your opportunities for professional development are limitless. That’s why we intend to remain connected with you throughout your life.

      Global reach. Global network.

      By connecting with Monash Online, you can build long-term relationships with peers around the world. That’s because when you graduate from Monash, you become part of the global community of more than 280,000 alumni. It’s a strong and collaborative network. Beyond graduation, it’s a way to become immersed in a community that continuously accumulates and shares knowledge. And we think that’s brilliant.

      It’s convenient. It’s flexible. It’s tailored to you.

      Monash Online allows you to complete coursework when it's convenient for you. In fact, when you begin is up to you. Choose from six start dates throughout the year. Focus on one unit at a time. Learn from your laptop, tablet or mobile. It’s all up to you, really.

      Be brilliant and harness the power of online learning.

      Monash Online is all about overcoming obstacles to learning. That’s why we designed an engaging online education experience that breaks through the barriers of distance and time. You can study when and where you choose. You can remove the boundaries that limit your potential. It’s time to take the next step in your personal and professional development. Start here.

      The importance of online education

      Whether you’re a working professional or a busy parent who wants to go back to school, but worried you won’t have the time, online education offers you a viable way to build your knowledge and advance your qualifications.

        Is online learning effective?

        The progression of where online learning started and where it’s headed next is quite exciting. Though it has been around since the 1990s, the acceptance and effectiveness of online education has dramatically accelerated in the last few years. According to a study done by Ernst and Young, “University of the future: A thousand year old industry on the cusp of profound change,” a significant transformation of university models is expected in the coming decade and beyond. Monash Online is at the forefront of this transformation. Not only are we ready for the coming education revolution, we are excited to help lead it.

        Why now?

        Our economy is global. Our workforce is global. Shouldn’t our educational pursuits be, too? There’s an entire generation of working professionals eager to contribute to the greater good. For many, Monash Online represents a flexible alternative to on-campus courses. This particular online format is highly personalised and interactive, which allows those with work obligations, transportation limits or other concerns the opportunity to improve their education on their terms.

        How does Monash Online promote inclusion?

        There are different models of online education, and up until now, many online learners could have felt isolated and unsupported. We’re different. We realise the needs of learners have evolved, and modern technology is able to support those needs without compromising quality or engagement. That’s why Monash Online is designed to be a collaborative and distinctive educational experience. The result is a unique exchange of ideas and knowledge between teachers and students. It’s a tailored approach to education that is delivered through multimedia tools such as video, live chat rooms, instant messaging and more. You can work on projects together, answer questions, address challenges, and build an active network that can last a lifetime.

        What’s different about Monash Online?

          What’s different about Monash Online?

          We bring online learning to life.

          Online learning is now better than ever. We’re not just teaching courses online. We’re revolutionizing the online education experience to make it more personal.

          Whether providing one-to-one learning or a dynamic group collaboration, Monash Online uses video, audio, chat, and all kinds of engagement tools to build an interactive learning community.

          The life of an online learner

          Our goal is to help you connect in real time with instructors and peers to share ideas, generate opportunities for feedback, and enhance the transfer of learning.

          By taking such a progressive approach, we offer consultative support, instill motivation, increase satisfaction, and nurture achievement.

          The point is that Monash Online takes online education to another level, a personal one.

          More support. Less technical.

          We are here to support you in every aspect of your online learning experience. Our online courses are designed to offer you convenience, flexibility and ease of use.

          That means you don’t need to download any special software in order to use our learning platform. All you need is a standard web browser and an internet connection. You can login from your laptop, your tablet or your mobile. It’s all up to you.

          Our online courses

          Lets get started. Right now, we’re offering the following courses online: online Graduate Diploma in Psychology, online Master of Public Health and online Master of Health Administration.

          • Graduate Diploma in Psychology
          • Master of Health Administration
          • Master of Public Health

          Graduate Diploma in Psychology

          Here at Monash, we decided to take our established Graduate Diploma in Psychology to the online learning sphere in response to the growing demand for skilled psychology professionals. The course provides students with the training needed to pursue professional qualifications or build the undergraduate foundation needed to continue studies towards an advanced psychology qualification.

          What is your career outlook?

          There are many entry- and mid-level career opportunities available. In fact, up to 25,000 new psychology jobs are projected by 2017, according to a report by the Australian Government (Australian Jobs 2013). The most common jobs and areas of interest include opportunities within protective/corrective services, health and community leader roles, and local or state government jobs; many private enterprise opportunities also exist.

          Your studies at a glance

          During the online psychology course, students focus on developmental and biological psychology, research design and analysis, cognitive and social psychology, abnormal psychology, perception and personality, psychological testing, theories of ability and ethics, and research methods and theory.

          Professional recognition

          The Monash Online Graduate Diploma in Psychology is accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) and recognized by the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

          Online course highlights

          • Covers contemporary issues in psychology, assessment procedures, ethics, and the professional responsibilities required of a psychology professional
          • Facilitates the understanding of psychology as an empirical science and prepares you to use theory, analytical and research techniques
          • Exposes you to a diverse range of subjects within the discipline of psychology, such as the history and philosophy of psychology; sensation and perception; learning and memory; personality and intelligence; and abnormal, social, developmental, biological, and organisational psychology
          • Prepares you for a wide range of occupations for which a psychology background is preferred, including the opportunity to become a professional psychologist

          Master of Health Administration

          Our focus is not health care or business. It’s both. Our dynamic units are developed cooperatively by the Faculty from The School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine and from Business and Economics. This dual focus shapes our unique skills-based curriculum that teaches business as applied to health management and vice versa. The online Master of Health Administration (MHA) is a boundless educational offering like no other.

          Who should choose this degree?

          The online Master of Health Administration course is developed for aspiring general managers and experienced leaders in health care organisations. If you want to excel in health care administration, your professional development will be a never-ending expedition. Begin the next phase in your leadership journey with this master’s degree. Come earn a respected credential in the field and help move your career forward. Enrol today in the online Master of Health Administration. Brilliant opportunities abound.

          What is your career outlook?

          According to Australian Jobs 2013, high growth is projected over the next five years for this area of employment. That makes now the perfect time to earn your degree. In fact, the Australian Jobs report also shows that the health care and social assistance industry has grown faster than all other industries over the past few years. Yes, all other industries –and it shows no signs of slowing down.

          Your studies at a glance

          Our units focus on the dual concepts of health care and business administration. We cover areas such as business, economics, management, organisational theory/behaviour, health economics, marketing, and accounting. Learn how to apply the equally important, yet not often taught together, principles of health care and business management—all in one course.

          Online course highlights

          • Use management, leadership and organisational theories in the practice of health care administration
          • Evaluate patient care safety and quality, and apply techniques and tools to improve the patient care process and governance
          • Appreciate concepts of health economics and how to apply them to understand research and evaluation of health care interventions
          • Demonstrate an understanding of legal principles and ethics as they apply to health care administration
          • Apply concepts of marketing in health care to health administration and health care

          Master of Public Health

          The online Master of Public Health provides exposure to a variety of topics including epidemiology and biostatistics, health systems and policy, leadership and management in public health, environmental and occupational health, evaluation in public health, epidemiology of infectious and chronic diseases, and the reform of health systems and contemporary challenges in public health.

          Who should choose this degree?

          Australia’s population is growing and with it the need for high-quality public health services. That’s why this course is designed to prepare the next generation of public health leaders who can strengthen and improve the way public health care is provided.

          What is your career outlook?

          Your choice of career paths is limitless, with opportunities in public health practice in governments, community health, and non-government and international aid organisations, to name a few.

          Your studies at a glance

          Our course teaches experiential knowledge and tangible skills in a highly interactive and engaging format. We use multimedia tools to foster conversation and deliver meaningful content. Learn how to develop into a passionate public health leader who helps drive local change, influences legislation, conducts groundbreaking research, and creates better outcomes for quality health services.

          Online course highlights

          • Develop and apply skills in a public health leadership role
          • Reduce the impact of health problems within the community
          • Apply epidemiological and biostatistical knowledge and skills
          • Assess environmental and occupational factors on health