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Graduate Certificate of Enterprise

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Advance your career and transform the system.

Learn new ways of thinking with our dynamic, practice-focused qualification

We’ve created our contemporary course for anyone looking for a new start. You can study topics that benefit you and change your direction when and if you need to. Our practical qualification is designed to help you develop evidence-based solutions to overcome challenges and opportunities in uncertain times.

You can follow one of the three themes – Digital Enterprise, Sustainable Enterprise and the Enterprising Leader or choose from our other online units in any order. You’ll study alongside a cohort of students from different disciplines and industries, testing ideas and learning to respond to complex problems.

What you will learn
  • World-leading academic excellence
    We’re a member of the prestigious group of 8, best global universities in Australia.
  • Leading new disciplines and content
    We’re continually developing and testing new units and areas of interest.
  • Flexibility and personalisation
    Our framework empowers choices that resonate with your growth and changing needs.
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Choose the theme of your course

Personalise your course

Start your course with any unit at any time.

Choose from over 100 Monash online units to broaden your knowledge outside of your current discipline or field of work and create new opportunities. Included are 12 new units specifically designed for three themes, which you can choose to focus on or generalise across.

Be empowered with the flexibility to pick any unit and start at any time. We include generous credit options for university students and Monash online learners who have completed units from a range of disciplines.

Digital Enterprise

Explore technology and sustainable workplace practices.

If you want to work with and support operations in the technology industry, this theme develops your skills with a focus on understanding the characteristics of digital enterprise, and its implementation of digital strategies and transformation. You’ll build an understanding and evaluate their place in leading positive change in sustainable development.

In other units you’ll focus on expanding your mindset and creativity techniques, explore practices for sustainable leadership, and strategies to improve wellbeing in the workplace.

Sustainable Enterprise

Build expertise in sustainable practice and progressive organisations.

If you’re interested in enhancing your knowledge in identifying and building opportunities for sustainable practice, this theme explores the progressive action organisations can take on today’s global challenges.

You’ll develop the ability to develop a sustainability business case and build familiarity with the tools needed to apply sustainability in the workplace.

In other units you’ll engage with complex issues around diversity and inclusion, explore social entrepreneurship and build an understand of contemporary issues with relation to established governance practices.

Enterprising Leadership

Support innovative enterprise and create future-proofed workplaces.

If you’re driven to apply technology and sustainability within organisations to solve problems and create empowered change, this theme explores holistic approaches to innovating organisational systems, values, and outcomes.

You’ll be introduced to futurism and apply an entrepreneurial mindset to complex problems, creating transition initiatives using technology and principles of social movement.

In other units, you’ll discover techniques for a fresh mindset and design thinking, build an understanding of creating compassionate workplaces, and learn to evaluate sustainable development practices.

The Graduate Certificate of Enterprise consists of two options: Option A and Option B.

The course comprises of 24 credit points. Units are 6 credit points unless otherwise stated. You must complete either Option A. or Option B.

Option A.

You must complete four units (24 credit points) from one of from the three specialisations:

  • Digital Enterprise
  • Enterprising Leadership
  • Sustainable Enterprise.

Option B.

You must complete four units (24 credit points) from the Enterprise parts A, B and C below.

For more information on unit selection, book a call today with our course consultants to answer your questions.

You must complete four units (24 credit points) from one of from the three specialisations below.

The focus of these units is to develop deep understanding and advanced practice in Digital Enterprise.

The digital enterprise

Innovation and change for digital transformation

Dimensions of digital technology

Enterprise analytics

The focus of these units is to develop deep understanding and advanced practice in Enterprising Leadership.

The enterprising leader

Design thinking

Leadership for sustainable development

The learning leader

The focus of these units is to develop deep understanding and advanced practice in Sustainable Enterprise.

The sustainable enterprise

Diversity and Inclusion

Social enterprise

Governance, continuity and crisis management

You must complete four units (24 credit points) from the Enterprise parts below.

You must complete one unit from below.

The enterprising leader

The sustainable enterprise

The digital enterprise

You must complete one unit (6 credit points) from below.

Innovation and change for digital transformation

Dimensions of digital technology

Enterprise analytics

Leadership for sustainable development

The learning leader

Diversity and inclusion

Social enterprise

Governance, continuity and crisis management

Design thinking

You must complete two units (12 credit points) chosen across the Monash online programs as long as you have the prerequisite and there are no restrictions on enrolling in the units. This may include:

Industry project 1

Industry project 2

An Australian bachelor degree or equivalent qualification with a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 60, or equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA)


A minimum of five years relevant experience in a relevant role.

Have questions about entry requirements or eligibility? Book a call with a course consultant to discuss your options.

For the Graduate Certificate of Enterprise, the estimated cost is $4125 per unit. You may be eligible to receive a FEE-HELP loan to cover part or all of your tuition. Fees are subject to change annually.

Please note: In the Open Units section of the course structure, if your selected open units do not fall under the Faculty of Business and Economics, you will need to look at the fees for that unit from that faculty, as they may differ.


We offer over 360 types of scholarships, valued at up to $280,000. Some scholarships offer one-off payments while others continue for the length of your course. Learn more about Monash Scholarships. 

Looking for clarification on fees or scholarships? 

Enquire with our course consultants and schedule a call to get your questions answered. 

Through the Graduate Certificate of Enterprise, you’ll experience the flexible support of an online Monash degree while you complete our most flexible course offering.

Learn more about studying online with Monash through one of our dedicated course consultants.

The Graduate Certificate of Enterprise is a degree that can change as your interests and passions change. Whether you select a theme upfront or pursue a custom group of units, as you progress through the degree it can change as you do. Speak to a course consultant to discover how you tailor your degree to your evolving interests.

Undertake the same qualification as on-campus student, but 100% online. You’ll gain the skills required by the digital workforce and study in a way that suits your lifestyle. In degrees designed specifically for online learners, you’ll complete units with flexible availability in our dynamic online classroom.

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When you study online with Monash, you’ll experience the same level of flexible support as your degree offers. Course consultants can answer your questions about online study and guide you through your course selection and enrolment. Student advisers are available 7 days a week to assist with everything from enrolment queries to academic and study skills, with subject matters experts in each of your units to help you through unit content and assessments.

Receive a one-on-one consultation about your study options.

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Your future with an Enterprise degree

We’re changing the rules and we want our credentials to empower you to transform the system from the inside out. 

Through our Enterprise degrees and with your drive for change, aptitude for leadership, passion for sustainability and desire for thriving communities you’ll be able to advance your career into positions where you make the difference. 

You’ll be able to: 

  • Become a leader in your organisation and create long-lasting change at the forefront of industry. 
  • Own your entrepreneurial instinct and deliver sustainable options for individuals and business. 
  • Assess the perception of value and change industry perspectives. 
  • Implement and challenge new thoughtful models of prosperous growth.
  • Rise as a manager that leads and inspires their workforce to challenge the greatest heights. 
  • Engage in activism at an executive level and inspire companies to take action. 

To find out where Monash online’s Enterprise degrees can take your future, book a call with a Monash online consultant today.

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