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Move to the forefront of sustainable change

By studying Sustainable Enterprise with Monash online, you'll discover how to leverage sustainability for positive change and make an impact in the world.

Sustainability has become a highly charged, core focus for enterprise and society. We’re faced with a complex and interwoven set of challenges, as we question whether it’s possible to run organisations that prioritise employee wellbeing, community, and the environment, without sacrificing profitability.

You can pivot your career in a new direction towards sustainable practice and leadership in an organisational context with our Master of Sustainable Enterprise.

You’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate a broad knowledge of sustainability challenges faced by enterprises and understand their role in contributing to innovation and entrepreneurial solutions.

We’re actively working to anticipate and respond to the complexity of our constantly changing world. We’ve created 4 new Sustainable Enterprise units within the Master of Enterprise and continue to lead the evolution of emerging disciplines and content.

Within the general framework of the Master of Enterprise, you can specialise and pursue a Graduate Certificate or Master of Sustainable Enterprise.

In addition to the new Sustainable Enterprise-themed units, you can choose from over 100 Monash online units to complete your qualification.

The flexibility of this course includes a generous variety of credit options for university students, including Monash online learners who have completed units from a wide range of disciplines.

The themed units of sustainable enterprise

The sustainable enterprise

Sustainability is a growing concern internationally and organisations now have unprecedented opportunities to adopt responsible practices and lead development. This unit explores how enterprises can take progressive positions on today’s global challenges.

  • You’ll gain an understanding of the relationships between sustainability, government policies and enterprise strategies
  • Build the ability to develop and communicate a sustainability business case
  • Develop familiarity with the conceptual frameworks and practical tools required to apply sustainability in an enterprise setting.

The social enterprise

Social entrepreneurship has emerged as a means of identifying and bringing about potentially transformative societal change. This unit examines and debates the critical role of social enterprise and entrepreneurship in the context of local and global challenges.

  • You’ll explore and demonstrate an advanced understanding of the fundamental concepts, frameworks and processes underlying social entrepreneurship
  • Develop an advanced understanding and application of the role of social entrepreneurship
  • Evaluate and analyse the challenges and opportunities found in social entrepreneurship
  • Explore and understand the business models in social entrepreneurship.

Governance and organisational resilience

In response to failures in corporate responsibility and an increasingly dynamic environment, stakeholders now require new standards for effective organisational governance. This unit integrates lessons from a wide range of established governance practices and theories, with specific contemporary issues and provides you with the opportunity to build a portfolio of projects.

  • You’ll demonstrate an advanced understanding and application of governance theory, methods, tools and frameworks
  • Develop the ability to recognise and evaluate technological advances and changes in the economic, political, social and environmental context to the contemporary practice of governance, business continuity and crisis management.

Diversity and inclusion

In an in-depth introduction to the framework and scope of diversity and inclusion, we consider the case for D&I, including its benefits, challenges, and opportunities. This unit has been developed to promote inquiry and acknowledge the realities of contemporary management.

  • You’ll demonstrate an understanding of the case for and challenges of workplace D & I to meet individual and organisational needs
  • Engage with a range of debates, approaches, frameworks, and research to guide the implementation of D& I strategies to create diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Our course inspires you to question your role in and responsibility for the change the world needs right now.

You can become a leader who drives responsible growth and meets the challenges of sustainability for enterprise, society and thriving communities, now and for the future.

The Master of Enterprises commences in March 2023. Schedule a time with a sales consultant to talk about your study options today.

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