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Galvanise change with thoughtful leadership

By studying Enterprising Leadership with Monash online, you'll discover how to leverage thoughtful leadership for positive change and make an impact in the world.

In an age of complexity and paradox, we need leaders who address our global challenges by creating innovation and solutions surrounding climate change, geopolitical security and thriving communities. As an enterprising leader, you’ll be instinctively aware that technical progress and sustainability are the two momentous transformations currently driving societal change.

If you have a passion for creating psychologically safe and future-proofed workplaces, this course will upgrade your leadership skills, helping you to expand in your current role, solve problems or realise your goals as an entrepreneur.

You’ll utilise your leadership abilities to encourage a holistic approach to organisational systems, values and outcomes, creating opportunities for economic and societal value.

We’re actively working to anticipate and respond to the complexity of our constantly changing world. We’ve created four new Enterprising Leadership units within the Master of Enterprise and continue to lead the evolution of emerging disciplines and content.

Within the general framework of the Master of Enterprise, you can specialise and pursue a Graduate Certificate or Master of Enterprising Leadership.

In addition to the new Enterprising Leadership-themed units, you can choose from over 100 Monash online units to complete your qualification.

The flexibility of this course includes a generous variety of credit options for university students, including Monash online learners who have completed units from a wide range of disciplines.

The Themed Units of Enterprising Leadership

The Enterprising Leader

In the era of emergence, enterprising leaders need an ever-evolving understanding of disruptive forces, coupled with the ability to imagine alternative futures. This unit introduces futurism as a lens to understand and contribute to global debates and challenges such as climate change, geopolitical security and thriving communities.

  • You’ll apply an entrepreneurial mindset to complex community and enterprise problems
  • Practice futurist agency in imagining, and actioning a future we want to live in
  • Critically analyse and evaluate the interconnections among leadership, economic, environmental, and social perspectives
  • Create transition initiatives based on cutting-edge technology and principles of social movement.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking empowers you with tools to break free of a fixed mindset and embrace fresh thinking. Explore these creativity techniques and consider the context in which we work and live, alongside the potential for innovation.

  • You’ll gain an understanding of the methods, mindsets, and application of Design Thinking
  • Identify and analyse real-world project challenges and relevant Design Thinking approaches
  • Apply Design Thinking to a project-based problem
  • Develop, test, and evaluate original proposals in response to project-based problems
  • Establish an awareness of your preferred approaches to addressing complex tasks, and their enhancements through Design Thinking.

The Learning Leader

Research shows that the two main reasons leaders fail is because of unsuccessful relationships, or a failure to learn continually. This unit explores how we understand ourselves as leaders, build psychological safety, and motivation, and create more compassionate workplaces.

  • You’ll gain an understanding of contemporary approaches to leadership with a focus on compassion, care of self and others, and psychological safety in the workplace
  • Identify and adapt one’s approach to leadership through self-reflection and self-direction in one’s ongoing development as a learning leader
  • Demonstrate capacity to engage with multiple layers of ethical, legal, and practical considerations in relation to decisions driven by global challenges. 

Leadership for Sustainability Development

An age of corporate malfeasance, a global pandemic and climate change demands leadership with commitment to the principles and long-term goals of sustainability, the welfare of employees and improvement of social, and economic impacts. Explore some of the key models, approaches and leadership practices that are inclusive, collaborative, and future-thinking.

  • You’ll build an advanced understanding and application of contemporary leadership theory, models and frameworks 
  • Demonstrate ability to recognise, evaluate and lead the adoption of sustainable development principles.

Our course inspires you to become a leader of the future, with a creative mindset, compassion and a capacity for strategic futurism that comprehends the dramatic trends reshaping our world.

We believe that enterprise can undertake its purpose and still be able to do good.

The Master of Enterprises commences in March 2023. Schedule a time with a sales consultant to talk about your study options today.

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