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Technical requirements to set up an online study space

Studying online means that you will heavily rely on technology. We’ve compiled a list of things you will help your study sessions be productive and fruitful.

Your internet speed 

When you aren’t on campus, you need to be proactive about setting up your online study space. Fast internet is essential for you to submit your assessments and download required readings with ease.  

You’ll visit your online classroom frequently, so check your data allowance and ensure you have enough for the teaching period. We suggest a minimum of 150 GB per month to get the most out of your learning experience. If you need assistance with your internet settings, you can contact your internet provider for support.

Your technical checklist for online study


To really take advantage of online learning, you need the right tools. Monash has designed courses specifically for online students, utilising interactive tasks, video content and online classroom sessions where you can interact with your peers and online learning advisers (OLAs). To optimise your learning experience, ensure your computer is equipped with: 

  • headphones or speakers 
  • a web camera 
  • a microphone. 

If your computer does not already come with some of these features, you can always purchase them separately. If you need to upgrade your computer, online study is a great reason to invest in your set up. 


You’ll explore new ideas and enhance your curiosity when studying online. Your course provides access to learning materials and content across a range of platforms, including video, audio and different types of interactive sessions. Install the following software so you can access all your course content: 

Optimise your operating system 

When you study online, you’ll want to update your computer’s operating system to ensure it can support your study load. This is vital, as some learning materials or resources might be inaccessible on older operating systems.  

Specifically, when you study online with Monash, we recommend you use one the following operating systems or higher: 

With your technical set-up ready, you’ll be prepared to join Monash’s online community. Grow your skillset and earn your qualification with the right systems in place. Apply for an online course today.