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Career Advice

Monash online research could help prevent mental illness in children

Research conducted online by the Monash School of Rural Health has found that a child whose parent has had a history of mental health illness could be more likely to develop a mental illness themselves.
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Public Health: An Industry Snapshot

Considering a career in public health? Discover employment opportunities in this sector with Monash Online.
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Monash academic wins Google Faculty Research Award

Graduate Diploma of Data Science course director Dr Reza Haffari has won a Google Faculty Research Award for his work into machine translation.
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How to Become a Psychologist

Considering a career in psychology? Find out how to become a psychologist with Monash Online.
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The Typical Day of a Data Scientist

Are you fascinated by data? We interviewed a real data scientist to find out what data science jobs are all about. Learn more here.
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Meet our Monash Online students

Meet some of our current students and graduates and find out where a course with Monash Online can take you.
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Psychology vs Counselling – What Is The Difference?

You may have decided that you want to pursue a career studying human behaviour and the mind or that you want to assist people in dealing with various issues in their lives.

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Where can a psychology course take you?

Online psychology courses, such as a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced, can lead you to a wide

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Four ways to prioritise what matters

Stay on track towards your goals with our advice on prioristing.
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